First PH Cycle Help!

  1. First PH Cycle Help!

    Hey guys-

    My first post.
    Would GREATLY appreciate everyone's input.
    Wanting to run my first PH cycle.
    I'm 27 177 lbs, 15% BW.
    Wanting to do mostly cutting/lean mass.
    After researching, sounds like doing just a 6 week run of Halodrol-50 at something like 50/50/75/75/100/100 might be best.
    I was thinking of doing PCT with just Gaspari Novedex-XT and possible running Life support or another cycle support throughout.
    I'm completely new to this so i would greatly appreciate some guidance.

    I've been taking Tribex, ZMA, Novedex-XT for about 4-5 weeks now and plan on stopping all three for a good two weeks before starting my PH cycle.
    Do yall think this sounds like a good plan?

    As far as supplementation goes, I am taking glutamine 10 grams/day BCAA 15g/d, Arginine 6 grmas/day, Whey and Casein at appropriate times, NO-Xplode, and Jet fuel on a prn basis for energy/fat loss/preworkout.
    Getting my 1-2 gallons water in per day, as well as vit c, vit e, fish oil.
    In no way do I want to violate the rules of the forum, but I keep pulling up different articles with listings of the current halodrol-50 designer clones available now. You guys know way more than I do about this. If it's not in violation of any rules, can you tell me or point me towards an article dealing with which Halodrol I should buy? I know there are tons out there now.

    Also, I've read the newbie articles, but wanted to run past you guys first as well: Shold 1.5 grams protein/lbs bodyweight be good for my 6-week cycle? And how should I do carbs and cardio while on the cycle? Currently I'm doing about 2500 kCal/day consisting of 6 small meals of tuna, brown rice or oatmeal/other low glycemic carbs. I am only doing about 100 grams carbs per day currently as I have been trying to lean up before starting this cycle - was 194lbs and 25% body fat 8 weeks ago - so have trimmed up pretty significantly at this point!

    Thanks again in advance guys.


  2. don't take tribex, no xplode if you are trying to lean up, rpm is a better preworkout supplement with 2-3 grams of beta alanine.

  3. wait a little longer off those natty test boosters before you start a real PH. Dont stop ZMA either.

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