Yet another M1T log

  1. Yet another M1T log

    Stats before-
    23 yo
    6'2" 179-183 lbs
    9% BF
    Very low carb diet.
    2000-2500 max kcals/day

    I'm so small because I'm a model. Used to be aspiring BB, more around 215 lbs, maybe 13% bf but over the last few years I've been conforming to the fashion industry. (Flame all you want)

    Poor Genetics, largely overweight background. Used many PH's along the way. Tren-x, 1T Pro, Pars products as well.

    10 mg/day. Not looking for huge weight gain. Looking for increased ab definition, hoping to keep my waist near its current measurement while increasing elsewhere.

    2 weeks planned. 50 grams more protein daily, thats my only diet change. Protein 250 g/day on this sht cycle.
    Also taking BAC's liver support powder (tastes like sht)


    lift,cardio,cardio, lift, cardio, cardio ect

    I lift very hard on lifting days, cardio is fairly intense and lengthy as well.

    Will consider lifting more often while on, but I really can't allow any additional BF, i have some important work coming up shortly.

    DAY 1
    Weighed in at 183 late PM. Took M1T early AM. Maybe 3 days earlier I weighed in at 179. I attribute maybe a pound of this to the M1T.

    Legs at the gym after an afternoon nap. Weights were about the same, but I wouldn't leave the gym! Definately overtrained, ended up there damn near 2 hours, and killed my hams which are my laggard.

    Day 2
    Been sleeping alot as of late. not sure why, I'm also taking large doses of Taurine, prob 10g/day.
    Legs very sore. Cardio today, although not that intense.

    Day 3
    May lift Bis today, serious laggard so I give them their own day along w/forearms. Otherwise I'll be doing cardio.

    Feel free to comment.

  2. no comments? nobodys gonna slam my lo cal diet or training regimine? id like any criticism or comments.

  3. #1. Working out chest, shoulders and triceps on the same day makes no sense to me. You can work triceps with biceps, and shoulders with back.
    #2. If you're just looking to improve your abs than you can try a topical fat burner for problem areas such as T-Heat, UCP-1 is also a great fat loss product.
    #3. I personally wouldn't do lengthy and intense cardio.
    #4. You can overcome bad genetics.
    #5. What are the exact percentages of each macronutrient (i.e. fats, carbs, protein) in your diet.
    #6. Just curious, why are you taking 10 grams of Taurine ?

  4. You're to pretty for me to criticize. I don't feel right about it at all.

    Just kiddin bro. All training nuances aside(as IA can address them far better than any of us) you should be able to get some lean gains from your program and burn a little fat. I'm wondering how long the "leanness" sticks around post cycle though.

  5. Originally posted by Iron Warrior
    #1. Working out chest, shoulders and triceps on the same day makes no sense to me. You can work triceps with biceps, and shoulders with back.
    Why? His method keeps you from training a small bodypart like triceps 3 times a week, which is insane to me. I also prefer a push-pull split. Its also more efficient in that after you work chest, you can do fewer sets for front delts and triceps.

    Now I will say that when on a recovery enhancer you can use programs like HST and Big Beyond Belief with more effectiveness.

    JWest, why the hell do you care what others think? You sound like you have it going on........wait, that didn't sound too gay did it.......

    "largely overweight background".......dude at least you didn't start out at 410 lbs

  6. Day 3-

    Headed back to the weights a day early, hams still incredibly sore to the pt I figured screw cardio.

    biceps/fore day. weight 185! thats an increase of anywhere from 3-6 lbs since before starting M1T. (179 3 days pre M1T)

    Napped again before lifting.

    Insane workout. All weights up significantly. I did superset after superset, and literally did not want to leave the gym. Bis, Fore, some abs and some lower back.

    workouts thusfar compared to workouts on 1T-pro are of no comparison. This stuff is the real deal, even at 10mg/day

    I'm waiting to see how sore I feel tommorow, as well as if i get the recurring lower back pain everyone seems to be experiencing.

  7. 1. chest/sh/tri together as my chest is a great natural chest, I do very little work for it. symetry to me is much more important than strictly being big.
    my chest dominates, while my bis and calves and hams lag, thus i devote much more gym time to these muscles.

    Used UCP-1, did very little for me. better results from clen, although even that hasn't gotten my abs where they need to be.

    Why not do lengthy and intense cardio? I do it to attempt to burn cals to decrease BF in the ab region (I really seem to store the majority of my fat here, everywhere else very vascular and lean.)

    Yes, I have overcome bad genetics. Its a matter of pride.

    Truth be told, I don't know the exact % of each macro. based on calories its probably something like 50% protein, 35% fats, 15% carbs.
    (Much of the fat comes from Barleans flax oil.)

    Why so much Taurine? Read at If i can I'll post some info on Taurine. Basically can only help. I feel it helps me sleep more. Of course alleviates cramping while on clen, may help here as well?

  8. I am very intersted in seeing what changes stick postcycle.

  9. Skark, can u point me towards HST or Big Beyond Belief routines?

    Thanks for the props.

    I did want to mention one more thing. My volume of sets is waaaayyyyy up. I don't know if this is detrimental, perhaps I am overtraining and limiting growth??? It feels right though, I just don't wanna leave the gym while on M1T knowing I won't be back for a few days....

  10. Taurine-

    "So, what have we learned?
    Taurine is the cause of cramps.
    Taurine is most likely the cause of clenbuterol's downgrade.

    I have worked with people who had cramps and tried supplementing potassium with little benefits. Not to say that it doesn't work, but YOU could be treating SYMPTOMS instead of the cause. Flow of taurine out of the cell and its water will also take the others with it (potassium).

    Additionally, Taurine is not incorporated into proteins but remains free in the tissues, especially
    muscle and nerve tissues. Cramping is not only a function of muscle cells, but the study above showed that it may also be a function of nerve cells. When they lose their equilibrium they are what cramps and THIS is why you cramp on STUPID SCAM CREATINE. Creatine goes into the muscle and while your muscles hold onto more water the ratio in nerve cells will still change (lower) with exercise and you get cramps.

    Again, I'm not saying that potassium won't work, but that is symptom and not a cause."
    All per Animal.

    Taurine is the most abundant free amino acid in the brain, heart, and nervous system, and it plays a role in the normal functioning of the brain, heart, gallbladder, eyes, and vascular system. It facilitates the passage of sodium, potassium, and, possibly, calcium and magnesium, ions into and
    out of cells, and electrically stabalizes cell membranes. It modulates the activity the activity of cAMP, which activates important enzymes in heary muscle, and contributes to the muscle's contractibility. Taurine is an important component of bile acids which aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. It aids the body's chemistry by detoxifying harmful chemicals. Dietary taurine stimulates the formation of taurocholate, a substance which increases cholesterol secretion in the bile and also improves fat metabolism in the liver. Taurine offers a wide range of nutritional support to many organ systems throughout the body; as a supplement it is most notable known for
    its heart muscle support.

    " Since I got the pure powder let me update a few ideas I have with taurine.

    I take a heavy teaspoon (at least 5grams)with water before bed and have been getting better sleep. Dreams are crazy. I woke myself up laughing in my dream last weekend over and over and no I wasnt on any drugs. It was kinda funny, wake up laughing, my girl was like, "WTF are you laughing at", I was like, "I dont remember."

    I also notice a *fuller* effect from taurine. I've been experimenting with taurine in either water or a gatorade DURING training. You can actually put this **** in water and dont have to worry about taste.

    I could be quoted as saying its enegerizing well tthis is where IM lost. Taurine with some carbs and vit B's and caffiene I feel energized (moreso then just the caffiene). But taken at bedtime without VitB its more relaxing/sedating.

    I strongly recommend no Vit B near bedtime, at least in my case, I'll never fall asleep.

    Vitb12, taurine, when you wake up, then tou're good to go.

    Taurine has now become a staple supplement for me along ALA, CLA, ALCAR, GT, Udo's, Olive, Avocado, a good multi, extra B's C and E. And of course whey."

    Per Brooklyn

    this is why I take Taurine. Its dirt cheap.

  11. Originally posted by JWest0926
    Skark, can u point me towards HST or Big Beyond Belief routines?

    I did want to mention one more thing. My volume of sets is waaaayyyyy up. I don't know if this is detrimental, perhaps I am overtraining and limiting growth???
    You should do more work (moving a load through a given distance) when chemically assisted. Thats why steroid users get their gains, it allows them to work longer (ie Arnolds 2 hour marathons) and more often (ie the double split programs the pros use).

    Thats why I think the higher volume programs like HST and BBB would be more beneficial, and I would stay away from low volume programs like HIT (which is my favorite program for non-assisted trainers).

    HST has a website that explains everything, look it up using your web browser.

    BBB is a book and video program that was popular in the mid-90s. Someone on another forum mentioned Amazon carried it, or you can go to the Optimum Training Systems website that Leo Costa runs.

  12. Skark-

    Thanks for the reply. Thats great to hear considering I spent 2 hrs on Leg day, and 1.5 for bis ect day on greatly increased volume including some supersetting. It just felt right, like I couldn't leave!

    Do I assume this also means workout frequency should be increased? I would assume so.

    I'm going to take another day away from the weight room again today, day 2 off, cardio again. Unless of course I change my mind.

    Back soreness is gone, was only from the lower back work I did 2 days ago.

    I reiterate this stuff blows the socks off of any dermal I've ever used.

  13. Yes, you can increase frequency since you will have better recovery time. If you normally train each bodypart once a week unassisted, you certainly go to twice a week......assuming your diet will support it.

    In my case, I'm doing HST right now which uses 3 whole body workouts per week, and I am hitting the BCAAs and Glutamine like candy (I'm waiting to lose another 23 lbs before going on assistance). I'm taking 20-25 grams combined per day.

    Like I'm advising everyone else, stock up on M 1-T now!

  14. Okay, this is beyond sick.
    Saturday, Chest, Sh, tri day.
    Last lift/weigh in was wed. To recap I weighed in at 185, and had an awesome workout.

    Remember, I'm only taking 10 mg/day.

    Nobody is gonna believe this.

    I weighed in at 190 +5 lbs Wed to Saturday.

    At most I ate 500 cals more than usual each day. Thurs and Fri were both cardio days.

    I feel fine, although I look much much smoother and more like a balloon than a week ago. No lower back pain, no nothing.

    So after a mere 5 days on 10 mgs M1T, I gained a minimum of 7 lbs.
    I have to stop now, as next weekend I have a runway show, and I have to get back to lean.

    I really do not feel lean whatsoever.

    Do not underestimate the potential of M1T.

    I actually feel so big I am dissapointed a bit with the M1T. I don't expect anyone else will feel that way lol.


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