Cypionate product DHT

  1. Cypionate product DHT

    Hi mate, Matteo 38 . I would like to ask you or friends on here ... I have been taken ASS last 3 years deca and sustanon 800 /week, never problem with aromatize or gyno , this year I changed cycle to give at my body different stimulation ( cypionate 800mg/wk..trembolone 300 mg/wk and deca durabolin 400/wk at second week I got some gland swollen under my testis , I do not think is the prostate , anyway I am sensitive to conversion to DHT .. do i have to stop the cycle or there is some anti-DHT blocker and I can to continue..? I would appreciate your help sincerely matteo

  2. Well i'm guessing the trenbolone is likely the problem or possibly the cypionate. But you say you have used test with no problem so more than likely the side is from the tren.
    Finasteride is the product your looking for to help combat the DHT sides. In my opinion i would just drop the trenbolone or atleast lower your dosage.

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