Methyl 1-test/19-nordiol log

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  1. Methyl 1-test/19-nordiol log

    I am starting a new cycle today of 10mg MIT and transdermal 19-nordiol at 400mg a day. Will be running this for four weeks. Post cycle will be clomid & clenbuterol.

    I am sitting at 197 pounds, no idea on body fat percentage though. I will be consuming between 3500 - 4000 calories a day.

    Current stats:
    Bench - 315x5
    Deadlift - 425x3
    Military Press - 185x10
    Squats - ?
    Starting weight - 197

    I will try to update daily my weight and strength gains and any side affects that occur.

  2. good luck.

  3. good luck bro...i'm really interested to see how well you do on this cause i'm thinkin of doing the same thing...

  4. Update day 2

    Weight today is 199 pounds, up two from yesterday.

    Did shoulders today, no strength gains yet. Pyramided up to 195 for four reps on shoulder press, this will be the weight to watch as far as gaging strength gains over the next four weeks.

    Already I am feeling muscle fullness from the 1-test, its like having a mild pump all day long.

    The lethargy was a bitch!!! From now on I will take it after I work out so I'm not so tired when I am lifting.

  5. Update Day 3

    Woke up two hours early today and took 10mg MIT then went back to bed for a couple of hours in hopes of bypassing the lethargy. It seemed to work, I went to the gym and did a tri/bi/forearm workout and didn't really feel tired at all.

    Strength - not using any compound movements to gage strength gains by on arms. Dumbell curls did feel a little lighter today though.

    Weight - 201.4 (up 2.4#'s from yesterday) I use a digital scale.

    The muscle fullness is even better today then yesterday.

  6. Update day 4

    Didn't work out today.

    Weight - 202.4 (5.4# gain so far)

  7. Update day 5

    Did legs today. Legs felt strong.

    weight - 204

  8. Whoa, 7 pounds in 5 days is very impressive to say the least! Do you find yourself bloating at all on this combo, or have the gains pretty much all been lean mass as far as you can see?

  9. I hold a good amount of water with nordiol.

  10. Originally posted by max silver
    Whoa, 7 pounds in 5 days is very impressive to say the least! Do you find yourself bloating at all on this combo, or have the gains pretty much all been lean mass as far as you can see?

    Havn't noticed that much bloat, but with all the food I'm taking in it would be hard to tell. This stack seems to be working well for mass gains, I did chest/biceps today and my arms were visually larger than last week.

  11. Update day 6

    Did chest and biceps today. My overall upper body is noticably thicker, my biceps which have always been hard gainers compared to other bodyparts are visually bigger than last week. They almost didn't look like they were mine.

    Strength - 315x5 No stregth gains on chest yet, but this will be the weight to watch over the next 4 weeks to gage stregnth gains by on chest. Hoping to get 315x8 by the end of the four weeks.

    Weight - 205.2 (8.2 pound gain so far)

  12. Forgot to mention I took the M1T before I went to bed last night to see if it would effect the lethargy, it actually helped quite abit but I still needed a nap later on in the day, but a least I wasn't yawning like an old man in the gym.

    I am also hoping that another benefit will be that I have the highest levels of anabolic hormones in my body while I am sleeping which is when you do all of your growing so by taking it at night it will help with growth.

  13. how's your libido on this stack?

  14. nozzi I`m curious with you taking the M1T before bed how your overall sleep was. Were you able to sleep right through the night or would you say it was a restless sleep and maybe felt somewhat tired after waking.

  15. Update day 7

    No work out today. Libido is fine, not repressed like when on transdermal 1-test. Taking the M1T before bed does help me sleep soundly throughout the night, but I am definately still tired during the day just not as much.

    Weight - 206

  16. hey nozzi thanks for keeping us updated. just curious if you have ever done any cycles of anabolic steroids in the past?

  17. Day 8

    Did back today, nothing to report.

    Weight - 206

    Side effects - Starting to see some bloating. Elbow joints hurt. Lower back stiffness. Other than that everything is great.

  18. Day 9

    Did shoulders today, gained a lot of strenght since last weeks shoulder work out.

    Strength - 205x6 (military press) Last week I could only get 195x4

    Weight - 206 for the third day in a row.

    Side effects -

  19. Day 10

    Did triceps and forearms today. My weight has stayed the same for four days now, I havn't been getting all the calories I need these past few days.

    Strength -

    Weight - 206

  20. Day 11

    No work out today. The weight gains seem to have stopped abruptly. I am still looking forward to the strength gains though.

    Strength -

    Weight - 206

  21. Day 13

    Did chest and biceps today, felt very strong.

    Strength - 315x6 Up one rep from last week

    Weight - 207 seems like most of the weight gains come during the first 10 days on M1T.

  22. Update Day 16

    I started Clenbuterol today, I will be doing two week cycles on it. I also upped my dose to 20 mg day M1T. After the first two weeks the 10mg wasn't enough.

    Weight - 207

  23. Update Day 19

    Did chest today.

    Strength - 315x8

    Weight - 207

  24. If weight is sticking, increase calorie intake, if weight gain is your goal. Watch your blood pressure if you have never used clen before b/c in some it really has an effect on BP.

  25. Update day 21

    Did shoulders today, huge strength increases.

    Strength - 205x9, 225x5

    Weight - same


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