Mega Cutting Stack

  1. Mega Cutting Stack

    Since this was so popular for the summer, it has earned its permanent place at CNW.

    Mega Cutting Stack
    [Stack] $34.99

  2. Pretty sweet deal, how many mg in each cap, how many caps of each product?

  3. Total caps for stack:

    180 total green tea caps
    180 total chocamine caps
    180 total raspberry caps
    90 total hordenine caps
    90 total tyramine caps
    90 total caffeine caps

    Let me grab the mgs...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CustomNW View Post
    Total caps for stack:

    180 total green tea caps 500mg
    180 total chocamine caps 100mg
    180 total raspberry caps 100mg
    90 total hordenine caps 50mg
    90 total tyramine caps 50mg
    90 total caffeine caps 200mg

    Let me grab the mgs...
    Heres the migs

  5. whats the dosing protocol for this, once or twice a day?

  6. Does CNW ship to Australia? I'd love to see more stacks like this.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by BigD16 View Post
    whats the dosing protocol for this, once or twice a day?
    would also like to know this. How many caps of each per day.

    thanks fellas

  8. wow awesome stack there

  9. We can ship to Australia. When you check out put your real address in the comments section and you will be charged the actuall shipping.

  10. Is there a way to see the shipping price before submitting? Or should I just assume it to be around 70 bucks (pretty standed shipping to heavy packages to Australia).

    Thanks customNW.

  11. Email on the site, what items you want to order and myself or someone can get u a shipping quote. Remember to give your addy!

  12. Dosing???



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