7-Keto DHEA

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  1. 7-Keto DHEA

    Any more 7-Keto DHEA powder comin in?

  2. it should be in stock now...

  3. grrr its not in stock..was just going to make a order..lol

  4. hey i have a ? i just found a bottle of 7-oh (20 grams worth) i didnt even know i had..it has 2 be over 3 years old..do you think it is any good? i remember when you sold this there wa controversy about it because DS said it couldnt be the right powder

  5. should still be good.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    should still be good.

    very nice

  7. Everytime I put more than 1 as my quantity, it says out of stock, is this just an error, or is it out of stock?
    Thanks again.

  8. We're fixing that today.

  9. Sorry, checked an no more left. Ordering more now.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by CustomNW View Post
    Sorry, checked an no more left. Ordering more now.
    K, thanks for checking.
    When do you think this new order will be available for purchase?

  11. At this point it will be a tentative 3-4 wks.

  12. 5 grams of B-triol mixed into a transdermal works wonderfully IMO. Nice substitute for 7-keto.

  13. I'm starting Systematic 7 now, and I am bathing in the stuff practically before my workouts... Should I taper off of it? Will it help additionally with belly fat? Also, does your body build a fair amount of tolerance to 7-keto?

    Freedom means nothing here.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    5 grams of B-triol mixed into a transdermal works wonderfully IMO. Nice substitute for 7-keto.

    sounds like a very nice trans combo..custom should market this..

  15. Would you guys want 20g bottles?

  16. 20 g's in solution?

  17. oh, no just 20g powder. Having a transdermal would be great, but Id have to look more into it. What kind of solution would work the best?

  18. NP's penetrate seems to work just fine. I'm sure T-gel would dissolve it as well as far as premade carriers. The basic alcohol, DMSO, D-limenene mixes.

    I have no issues mixing my own, but offering a premade trans might get more people to try this. A blend of B-triol and 7-keto would work well IMO.

    20 g incriments would work for me, but it's not something I use constantly.

  19. Definetly, thanks for the info bio

  20. i would def prefer a pre-mixed i am half retarded when it comes to homebrewing..seriously and the other half doesnt help much..lol

  21. This is in stock if youd like...
    7-Hydroxy DHEA Powder
    [1 Gram]

  22. whats the dosage difference?

  23. Ive seen people taking 50mg-100mg of the 7-oh

  24. hmm should also go into a transdermal easier at lower dosage. I do have some of the NP bulk lipoderm ultra I could squeeze a few grams into

  25. lol hmmm


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