95% Coleus help.

  1. 95% Coleus help.

    I had a thread here bookmarked, but my main computer died and even searching, I cant seem to find it again.

    Anyway.... I bought 3 grams of the 95% Coleus, and I "think" my plan was to mix it with 50 grams of 50% green tea, and put it into 100 caps. That would be 30mg of coleus per cap.

    Does this sound like a reasonable dose?

  2. 20-30mg seems to be a sweet spot, but I still think you need to change the ratios for the green tea.

    From memory you should have at least 400mg of active - 800mg of the extract for the dose to be really effective. So you should aim for a 2 or 3 cap dose, which means spreading the forskolin a bit thinner.

  3. Yea, I cant get any more GT into a 00 cap. I've got some plain GT caps made up too. I'll take one of each twice a day.

    Thanks for the info.

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