No orders filled from 6-7 to 6-11

  1. No orders filled from 6-7 to 6-11

    I will be out of town from Wed the 7th to late Saturday the 11th. I will not have access to email during this time, and I will only have very limited access to phone.

    No orders will be filled during this time as no one I trust enough was available to fill in for me. Guess I need to start distributing some responsibility, huh?

    I'll be helping chaperon and supervise about 30 Jr High kids on a three day theme park trip. We'll be hitting the St. Louis Six Flags from opening to close, driving all night (sleeping on the bus) to a park in Chicago and then driving all night to a park in Ohio. 5-6 years ago I would be super pumped to do something like I am a little scared.

    Who knows if I'll get anything done when I get home...I'm sure I'll be pretty fried.

  2. so order by monday is the name of the game? sounds good to me.
    and have a good time on the trip.

  3. is this for your children or what? how did you land this gig..?

  4. for the kids in the youth group at church...not sure how lucky I am to be with 30 13 yr olds for 3 days straight living in a bus! Should be a good time.

  5. I'm back in, a little sun burnt and a whole lot of exhausted. Orders are now being filled. Thanks for your patience!

    As a subnote, if you have the chance to hit up Cedar Point in Ohio, I strongly recommend it; their Dragster coaster is unreal.



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