The New Tribulus

  1. The New Tribulus

    How come 1000mg of the old tribulus takes up WAAYYY more capsule room than 1000mg of the new? Computer error?

  2. Ok here's the error. If you add 100mg a a time of the new tribulus, it lets you put almost 10,000mg in ONE PILL. If you do it all at once, it seems more accurate.

  3. nope still ****ed up...what the it like this with anything else?

    When adding the tribulus even at 1000mg to my mix, it makes it go up by 1%

  4. Strange, will look into it, will keep you posted.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by chainsaw View Post
    Strange, will look into it, will keep you posted.
    updates? This is what is keeping my order from being made.

  6. It could be a change in the extraction process that changes the mass/weight of the tribulus. Just a random thought, but worth contemplating til you get a sure answer.

  7. no not that...if you fill the capsule with 1000mg at once, it fills up a different amount than if u fill it with 100mg 10 times.

  8. Yeah I see what you are saying. I managed to get 3000mg into on capsule. So it is screwed up. I still have gotten no email back from Jesse.

  9. this is still a problem for me


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