Order Hasnt Shipped Yet? Help

  1. Order Hasnt Shipped Yet? Help

    This is concerning order#851
    I placed an order on 5/27/08 and this is now the 7th business day and my order has still not shipped...
    I would like to know when i should expect my order to ship...


  2. Email CC directly at [email protected]

    It usually takes a week to make the supplement first and then the typical week in shipping. Where are you having is shipped to?

  3. Im not mad i would just like to know whats going on...cause on CC it states it should take typically 3-5 business days to ship...it will be shipping to louisville, kentucky...

    oh yeah and i emailed them on cc.com on tuesday night....is it because u guys are real backed up or what...

  4. any feedback jarrod?

  5. Yeah things are a little booked right now, with the new products, Testofen, Tribulus, 95% Divanil. There has been tons of orders. This is how it usually goes after we get new products, there is a surge of orders.

  6. well i randomly got an email yesterday saying it was delivered...which im happy about that...but there was no confirmation email or email that it was shipped...thanks anyways...


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