na-rala vs just r-ala and any suggestions for blend?

  1. na-rala vs just r-ala and any suggestions for blend?

    I usually take ala but know r-ala is better yet its hot outside and dont want to worry about the heat affecting it. Has anyone had experience with the na-rala and can you feel it. I used glucophase xr by designer and felt it somewhat. Also any suggestions on a combo would something like resveratrol be a good addition


  2. If your looking at it to help control carbs you could mix it with the phaseolamin (white kidney bean extract) and chromium polynicotinate.

  3. what do you mean you felt it?? you take it 1/2 hour before eating to max glycogen do you feel that???
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  4. Perhaps he is talking about going hypo; I have definitely felt that before.
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  5. yes I have talked to some who feel hypo from it also



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