Shipping options to Canada

  1. Shipping options to Canada

    Regarding shipping to Canada

    I noticed that anything above 4 bottles, the shipping options are only UPS Global express. 4 or less there's also Global priority.

    Global express is faster by a couple days but more than twice as expensive and kills the savings of going 10 batches which was what I was looking at.

    Though I did mess around with it and found that going 20 batches, make it more economical with Global Express accounting for about ~$72 for $600 shipment. But that's not a real viable option for me.

    I don't mind waiting an extra couple of days for $40 in savings unless it also Express also pays for brokerage then that changes things.

  2. Evo,
    We have changed the way we calculate shipping weight to be as accurate as possible. You should be able to get more than 4 bottles and be cheaper than that. After a certain weight however the options you have are all that usps gives us

    Best regards,


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