working on a custom cap...

  1. working on a custom cap...

    I'm working on a general health stack. I copied a little of cycle support plus some mental function, digestive support, anti oxidents ect... It's like 11 caps per serving which is a lot but what the hell I took animal pak and animal nitro for a while. I figure I'd take this 2x a day, first thing in the am and later on probably with lunch. Any advice? Things you would take out or add?

    DMAE 250 MG N/A
    Ginkgo biloba 175 MG N/A
    Rhodiola rosea Root 500 MG N/A
    Milk Thistle 100 MG N/A
    Maca powder 500 MG N/A
    Grape Seed Extract 100 MG N/A
    Betaine HCl 200 MG N/A
    Na R-Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 MG N/A
    L Acidophilus 200 MG N/A
    Bromelain 200 MG N/A
    Quercetin 200 MG N/A
    N-acetyl-L-cysteine 600 MG N/A
    Hawthorn Berries 425 MG N/A

  2. well just my 2 cents but that is maybe a little light on teh hawthorn berries and milk thistle, standard dosage on both is closer to a gram if recolection serves. can't say much on the others except I have found that the Na-R-ALA works better for me taken 3 to 4 times a day at lower dosages (it hits fast and hard) I am not sure but I think NAC might need more for an effective dosage.

    Then again your talking to someone that has call a girl by her sisters name in bed before. remember the saying about free advice.

  3. Wow, you're right the milk thistle is way low. I must have hit the wrong key when I typed 100, I wanted 400-500 for a daily total close to 1000mg. The NAC and Hawthorn are close enough, I was going by the cycle support dose for them. As far as the ALA, I think I am going to lower the dosage on that to about 100mg. That way I'll also be able to up the milk thistle dose w/out having to add any additonal caps.

    Thanks for the advice

  4. I made a bunch of changes. I adjusted a few of the dosages, subtracted 1 or 2 ingredients and added 5 or 6 and the price went down like $5 to $38, but even better it went down to $55 if I get 2.

    Ingredients %DV
    DMAE 100 MG N/A
    Ginkgo biloba 120 MG N/A
    Rhodiola rosea Root 300 MG N/A
    Milk Thistle 400 MG N/A
    Maca powder 500 MG N/A
    Grape Seed Extract 250 MG N/A
    Na R-Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 MG N/A
    L Acidophilus 300 MG N/A
    Bromelain 200 MG N/A
    Quercetin 400 MG N/A
    N-acetyl-L-cysteine 700 MG N/A
    Lycopene 15 MG N/A
    Pregnenolone 35 MG N/A
    Evodiamine 25 MG N/A
    Green Tea Extract 200 MG N/A
    Vitamin B12 6 MCG 100%
    Biotin 500 MCG 167%
    Hawthorn Berries 500 MG N/A
    Coleus Forskohlii 50 MG N/A
    Avena Sativa Powder 348 MG N/A

  5. Bulk purchases are the best : )



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