your cissus?

  1. your cissus?

    i wanted to buy a very large order of cissus caps from you and wanted to know if this is the same stuff as usplabs sells?

  2. um bump? yello? lol

  3. Guys...USPLabs Cissus-RX is currently a 5% Cissus extract soon to be a 10% extract. Unless it says USPLabs you should assume it is simply bulk Cissus. I kind of don't see why there's such confusion...

  4. well i kinda wanted to know as nutra was carrying usplabs as was custom's for awhile and as far as 5 vs 10% goes i dont mind taking extra pills

  5. After looking at it I think it could very well be USPLabs Cissus, sorry for jumping to a conclusion bro. Tried emailing them?
    *bump for wojo*

  6. no harm no foul..i think he said he has been sick so i am going to try a pm

  7. let us know the answer

  8. I purchased 1 batch of 700mg caps to test and see no difference in effect compared to the CissusRx. Been using the Custom Capsule Cissus for 5 weeks now.

  9. yea i got a pm back earlier about this thanks for the feedback i am going to buy 1200 caps,you fit 700 mgs? is this the same serpent strike that used to post on the syntrax board?

  10. 700mg was what I went with. I think it was the max amt you could fit. Yes, it's me.

  11. awesome.nice seeing you around man

  12. Thanks, same here.

  13. Yes guys,
    Was sick and then been busy trying to catch up on everything. We are running great TA's still though. Slacked on the board however because of it.

    Yes 5% cissus

  14. serp how much are you taking? how much did u take of usplabs?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Serpentstrike
    Thanks, same here.
    Well gee-whiz, why don't we have a reunion.

  16. I took 6 caps/day of CissusRx. I take 2.4g of the CC cissus, down from 3.1g. Trying to find the lowest dose and still maintain the benifits. I take cissus for shoulder pain, which I have not had since I started taking it. After ripping my left shoulder to shreds doing something stupid, I started my own physical therapy to strengthen it and supplemented different joint compounds to try and heal it. Cissus was the silver bullet. I couldn't believe the effects and have never stopped taking it except once to see if it really healed my injury. Went 4 weeks with no problem, then started with minor aches but didn't want to slow down my progress at the time so started cissus again. I now take cissus with glucosamine and this combo seems to work really well. After my injury I could do no shoulder exercises at all and my bench was a lousy 165lbs. Currently I can shoulder press 90lb db's and my bench is at 300lbs. I think I did pretty good and cissus was a big part. Sure beats surgery and physical therapy and the thousands of $ that would cost me out of pocket.

  17. cool ordered 300 cap batch to try myself i numerous injuries fron 2 car wrecks over the last 10 yrs.i practically have my whole fam on it too from my mom to my dad and now my gf(broke her ankle)
    thanx for the help


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