Agmantine sulphate now at customcapsule.

  1. Agmantine sulphate now at customcapsule.

    Now available,

    Agmatine sulfate is the sulfate preparation of Agmatine, the decarboxylated form of L-arginine and an endogenous metabolic product highly conserved across life forms. Agmatine is an intermediate in the biosynthesis of the polyamines putrecine and spermine. Agmatine binds with high affinity to α2-adrenergic receptors and imidazoline binding sites and produces blockade of the NMDA-receptor associated cation channels. The further observations that Agmatine is also stored in synaptic vesicles, is specifically degraded by agmatinase, and is released from axon terminals by depolarization all suggest that Agmatine has endogenous function as a neurotransmitter. Agmatine is a competitive inhibitor of NOS (nitric oxide synthase) activity owing to mimicry of the natural NOS substrate arginine.

    Its benefits for athletes are obvious..

    Dose 500mg is what i reccomend.

    Kind regards RS

  2. Super. 500mg - 1000mg a great pump

  3. Bought. Never tried MAN Sports Blueprint, so I made my own version with some MCC mixed in. Should be fun.

    every 3 caps has-
    150mg Na-R-ala
    500mg Agmatine
    1000mg Magnesium Creatine Chelate

  4. How much agmatine should one take to get climical dose?
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