Are you serious company?

  1. Are you serious company?


    I'm from Poland, so my english is not perfect. I'm sorry for the mistakes.

    I begin from that I'm making orders at CustomCapsule since 11.2010. In this time i spent almost 6 000$ in this shop. In general it's ok but.....

    In this year, on 17 and 23 of february I've made two orders. I recieved theese orders after more than one month. But it was incomplete, so I sent a message. They answered me that they gonna send delayed part of order as soon as is it possible, when they recieve raw material. OK, i was waiting.
    Delayed products contains 6 bromo.

    I thought that they will ship it with my next order, but no. I've made next two orders and there were no delayed stuff.

    In emails they told me twice that they will send it soon. I was waiting... and waiting.
    But two weeks ago I've sent them next e-mail abut this, there were no answer. So I've sent next after few days. Still no answer from them about delayed stuff.

    They ignore my e-mails.
    I've paid for that stuff almost 200$, and i have no stuff, no informations, no contact.
    The best thing is that now 6 bromo is not available in the shop. So CustomCapsule can't produce that what I want
    Solution is very simple, but they completly ignore my emails

    Now takes over three months after the order and they don't have solution for this.


    I paid you money and now you are not answering my emails.
    I just want to order something else instead of delayed items.

    Today I've recieved next order. It's also incomplete. One bottle is missing.

    I also wanted to contract with them private label manufacturing. Much bigger orders. But now.....


    Three months ago I made two orders. I received only part of it. Now they ignore my emails. Delayed stuff is worth 200$. no answer for few weeks from them

    Once again sorry for mistakes.
    I hope my story is understandable and it helps me to solve this problem with CustomCapsule

    Best regards
    Expectant customer

  2. Finally problem is solved
    I will continue my cooperation with Custom Capsule and I'm sure that we will not have problems any more.


  3. Angry No answer since February

    You're luckier than me. Since February, I left a message on the CC website and emailed both Nate and Jesse. No answer. And I'm a good customer, I believe, having ordered capsules for myself, my mother, my father, my sister, my grandmother, and two friends: $3800+ since 2008. I was ready to make another order three months ago, but it's on hold until I get an answer to my questions.

  4. Today I've recieved my order from CustomCapsule. Is the same story next time .

    This time 10 bottles of one product are missed. Stuff for 600$

    I don't know what is going on with their technical workers

  5. Did you get your missing bottles, finally?



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