Extreme mass/phera bloat

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    Extreme mass/phera bloat

    Ok so I fried to purchase the lean mass but actually got the extreme mass and I don't want to return it because of the recent ban. I just don't want to risk not getting anything at all...... Here is my problem, everybody at work accuses me of juicing and they call me rabid wolverine and chris benoit. It pissed me off at first, and I can deal with those guys, it's my bosses and my family that I am worried about. I need to know which supps and ancllariea will keep my bloat to zero or the bare minimum. I am starting it tomorrow and am gonna use diurex for the duration f the cycle. I don't know what else because supposedly there is m estrgen conversion, I just don't want the wet gains. Thanks for any feedback

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    Bromo, atd, arimidex, keep sodium intake low, get plenty of sleep, drink plenty, 2 gallons a day, eat bannanas, and take in plenty of potassium.
    There might not be much water, just eat slow release carbs like oats, not sugary foods, and really watch the sodium, hope this helps bro.
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