Any behind the scene pictures or videos??

  1. Any behind the scene pictures or videos??

    I'd love to buy from you guys, but I have this terrible preconceived image of a few guys in a room running around with those little tiny scoops from jar to jar...

    I know you said you are moving into a GMP facility, but I (and probably many others) would find it really helpful to get some sort of 'virtual tour' of the place and process.

  2. that would be pretty cool

  3. have always wondered that myself

  4. Oh yeah!!!!! Great idea! Reps for that...

  5. The new facility is all state of the art, not so much hands on any more, mainly computers and machines to provide ultra clean facilities.
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ N2BM admin.

  6. I've seen the new place, it is new, it is clean, it is very nice. Everytime i go up there all the workers on the machines are masked up, heads covered, and so on. A lot of money went into the new place for sure....


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