Extreme Mass Review

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    Extreme Mass Review

    Extreme Mass Final Review:

    Weight: 182-201 (+19 pounds)
    Great weight gain, with little body fat added. First week gained 4 pounds, Second week gained another 4 pounds, Third week gained 6 pounds, and Fourth week gained 5 pounds.

    Libido: 9/10

    There was a time when it went down, but most of the time libido was sky rocketing. As you can see, it didn't get significantly affected.

    No joint pain.

    Focus and aggression: 10/10
    Extremely focused and just wanted to increase those reps and weight! Workout sessions were amazing.

    Recovery: 10/10
    Recovery rose significantly. Definitely deserves a 10.

    Pumps and Muscle Hardness: 10/10
    Best pumps ever! No other product gave me such insane pumps. Muscles were rock hard all day.

    Acne: 7/10
    This is the only side that was noticeable. Even though it wasn't something horrifying, I seemed to get a lot.

    Strength: 10/10
    All lifts went up 15 pounds in general. The most noticeable increase was in my Shoulder Presses, lift went up 20 pounds at the 8 rep range clean.

    Sleep, well-being, and lethargy: 10/10
    I actually slept better than ever on this cycle. Always feeling great and there was no lethargy.

    Body fat: 8/10
    This increased a bit, nothing to scream about. Body fat increased by 2% approximately. Do not confuse this with a bloat.

    I experienced some back pumps in the first week, but it stopped after.

    Summarizing I think this was a great run! I went up by 19 pounds body weight with an acceptable body fat rise. Strength was up and pumps were amazing. I had almost no sides, and had those amazing gains.

    Extreme Mass delivers.

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    Nice review.Sounds like a solid product.

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    Good review, not at all over hyped..hehe.
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