test libido boost/fat loss

  1. test libido boost/fat loss

    3 times daily

    Avena Sativa powder 50mg
    chrysin 333mg
    cla 333mg
    coenzyme q10 5mg
    gamma-aminobotyric acid 666mg
    guggul 80mg
    longjack 100:1 9mg
    maca powder 334mg
    tribulus terrestris 250mg
    yohimbe bark 25mg
    horny goat weed extract 200mg
    acetyl l-carnitine 167 mg
    synephrine hcl 5mg
    coleus forskohl ll 25mg

    what do you guys think?

  2. Try this instead at a daily dose of:

    LJ100 @ 150 mg
    CLA @ 1g
    AL-CAR @ 1g

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