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  1. Update - Order Fixed CC Cust Service is Great!!!


    Just found this board a few days ago and unfortunately my first post is not a great one.

    Just placed my first order from Custom Capsule, only problem is I didn't order the right amount of my products. I needed to order 900 capsules of one item and 600 of another, unfortunately in going through the order process I only ordered the normal 300 and 300.

    The payment already went through paypal and I tried to cancel the order on the website but there was no option, tried the phone number and didn't get an answer.

    Please, any reps for Custom Capsule that are on this board if you could help me get my order cancelled and the payment refunded so that I can place a new larger order I would really appreciate it. Feel free to post on here or send me a PM or e-mail at [email protected] which was also the e-mail used for the order if you are looking anything up on the website.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Wow, Jesse already has it fixed, great customer service!!!

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