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    Quote Originally Posted by snagency View Post

    Okay I've had 3 workouts without ZAP now, and the results are confirmed as I thought they would be..
    I've used Y-RD, Leanfire, and Speed respectively in these 3 training sessions, and none has come close to providing the mental focus, physical endurance, or thermogenisis (read: sweat!) that I experienced on ZAP. Speed this morning was the closest; however, just like I previously experienced on this product, I had shaky, jittery energy with mind-racing during training, no focus whatsoever, just kamikaze energy.

    ZAP Effects:
    As noted thruout log, thermogenesis was profuse. There was not a single workout where I was not drenched with sweat. Combined with a clean diet (precontest prep), I tightened up immensely. A 10 on a 1-10 scale.

    Energy was enhanced thruout usage. This was clean, focused energy that just made me feel good, not jittery or out of control. A 10 on a 1-10 scale.

    As well, muscular endurance on this product was something special; I set a couple endurance PR's during my usage, and fatigue never came into play during any training session. A 10 on a 1-10 scale.

    Tied into endurance was the intensity and focus level of my workouts. I felt I could reach any goal I set for myself, and just destroyed the weights each session. Even cardio sessions took on new levels - which is saying a lot because I am very much not a cardio fan. I can only compare this effect to Prime; while Prime was a bit more extreme, this is the only other product I've used that has given me these type of results, over a consistent period of time. I got great singular workouts from different things in the past (NOExplode for example), but these effects were not repeatedly observed following prolonged usage. ZAP was strong thruout the entire run. A 9 on a 1-10 scale - only because I reserve the 10 for Prime.

    I also noticed enhanced libido during my run. If I thought this might just be coincidence, I am now convinced it was not: the effects I noticed while I was running the product have not been there the last 2 nights.

    If it's not apparent, I am thoroughly pleased with ZAP. I'll throw in a plug for the entire Core line, as I have tried everything now and have been extremely pleased. The quality is outstanding.

    Altho I did not purchase any more ZAP as of yet (due to my having some other stims on hand that need to be used), I will say emphatically that this will be my next purchase when I go shopping for a w/o stimulant again. Good stuff.

    Link to Snagency's log:

    Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Final Review

    Weight and Body Comp Changes
    During the 4 weeks i used Zap i went from 170lbs to 174lbs. This is a very steady but impressive amount of gains for me. I gained a slight amount of fat around the waist(not noticeable on the tape measure). As apparent in the pics i did gain some quality mass. I noticed some extra leaning in the calves and shoulder region. I wish i had more pics to show my progress but the only before pic i had was the one that was attached to this thread because my computer died..

    Now this is where the true beauty of this product shines. From the first workout i could feel the great intensity and focus this product offered(it is a stim so that is expected..) This was definitely the most controlled focus i have ever felt from a stim. It was not as crazy energy wise as R4W but it was better in all other areas than anything i have used stim wise. I noticed a noticeable thermo effect that has decreased this current week with the stoppage of Zap. 45 min after taking Zap i would gain an intense focus and a controllable force to help me blow through my workouts with impressive endurance, strength, and relentlessness. Another notable effect was its impact on my mood. Unlike some other stims and pre-workout products i did not note a high aggression factor, yet it was a more controlled on top of the world feeling. I felt extremely confident and could easily top my workouts from week to week. The stim effect and mood enhancement lasted quite a while after workouts with no crash what so ever. The only effect i would improve with this is the pumps, while i noted increased pumps an vascularity it was not the most impressive factor.

    I will definitely be using Core Zap again in the future. The constant strength gains(5lbs on everything with 15-30lbs on the compound exercises) is very impressive. In the future i plan on stacking this with something like prime and p-slin for extremely intense workouts and very nice improvements in physique. I would like to thank Core for this great opportunity and will definitely support them as a company in the future and have already also gone through a tub and a half of Core MRP(highly recommend this) Thanks!

    Old on left new on right:
    Link to Bolt's log:

    Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Final Review

    First Off
    Thanks to Core and everyone who followed the log. If you guys have any questions feel free to post them up or hit me up with a PM. Now onto the good stuff
    The energy from Core Zap is very different than the energy you get from other supplements. It is a very clean, subtle energy, but it gives you a ton of it. You really don't feel like you are on a stimulant but you do feel like a little kid with a ton of energy. There is no crash what so ever and you don't get jittery, anxious, etc. I definitely would recommend dosing early in the day just because the energy usually lasted 3-4 hours for me with it peaking for about 30-45 minutes about an hour after dosing. Its hard to judge if it was truly the product giving me the energy peak though because during those 30-45 minutes I did a ton of work at a really high intensity.
    Mood and Focus
    The focus on this product was hit or miss. When it was a hit I felt extremely focused and motivated but when it was a miss it was on par with most other pre-workout supplements. It really seemed to do a great job of enhancing whatever focus and motivation I had before taking it though. I noticed this supplement always got me extremely focused on leg days, which is most likely because I psych myself up pretty well any ways, Zap just takes your focus to the next level.
    As for mood, I was really impressed with how Zap got me just feeling great. Every workout with Zap was enjoyable for the sheer fact that I just felt completely happy and content with what ever situation I was in. Even when missing a lift I would just kind of laugh it off and then hit it hard.
    Out of twenty two workouts I can honestly say I only really had two or three sub par workouts in terms of strength. I hit a personal record each week with Zap, which made me a pretty happy guy. The energy and the mood really set the tone for a great workout, but having peak strength for the good majority of my workouts is what really made this an effective product. I noticed I was able to keep my force output high throughout my entire sessions. I was able to have great recovery between sets too allowing me to stay at a high level of intensity throughout.
    Out of any product I have ever tried Core Zap was definitely in the top spot for raising body temperature and getting me to sweat. I noticed my whole body stayed warmed up through out my sessions and I would break a sweat usually by the third or fourth set. I noticed a little bit of leaning out initially as well but that seemed to fade towards the end of the run. I still managed to lose about 5 pounds though with out modify my diet. I am sure a few of those pounds were just water weight but none the less my pants fit better.

    General Thoughts
    I have tried many other pre-workout supplements before and I can honestly say Core Zap is going to be in my supplement stash for a while. I plan on using a dose once a week for my legs days just because I don't want to build up a tolerance to geranium but I still want to get the effects. I would recommend this product to anyone who can handle stimulants but doesn't prefer the stim'd out feeling others may give you. Also Core Zap is a economical supplement because it is not needed everyday to receive benefits, a bottle could easily last a couple months if used only for serious days.I was planning on comparing Core Zap to other stimulants such as RPM but honestly it is a completely different type of energy and very hard to compare.
    Link to PMiller's log:

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bigla2004 View Post

    Zappin PRs with CORE ZAP

    Final Review
    Dosage: 4 caps throughout
    Notable numbers...

    Bodyweight start: 187
    Bodyweight current: 183

    Incline HS Press - Originally 230 x 14 now 270 x 9 (up 30 lbs down 5 reps)
    HS Shoulder Press - Originally 150 x 17 now 175 x 14 (up 25 lbs down 3 reps)
    WG Rack Chins - Originally bw+55 x 15 now bw+75 x 20 (up 20 lbs and 5 reps)
    HS Flat Press - Originally 230 x 13 now 270 x 12 (up 40 lbs down 1 rep)
    DB Shoulder Press - Originally 45s x 30 now 55s x 20 (up 20 lbs down 10 reps)
    HS Pulldowns - Originally 140 x 19 now 160 x 24 (up 20 lbs and 5 reps)
    Rack Pulls - Originally 475 x 5 now 500 x 6 and 545 x 2 (up at least 25 lbs and a rep)
    Incline DB's - Originally 85s x 11 now 85s x 20 (up 9 reps and had a workout blown in there)
    Smith Shoulder Press - Originally 165 x 9 now 175 x 11 (up 10 lbs and 2 reps)
    Smith CGBP - Originally 205 x 10 now 220 x 13 (up 15 lbs and 3 reps)
    Rack Chins - Originally bw+45 x 19 now bw+60 x 25 (up 15 lbs and 6 reps)
    Preacher Curls - Originally 85 x 17 now 90 x 24 (up 5 lbs and 7 reps)
    ATG Squats - Originally 225 x 7 now 245 x 5 (up 20 lbs down 2 reps)
    Sumo Leg Press - Originally 360 x 30 now 370 x 30 (up 10 lbs)
    Widowmaker Leg Press - 270 x 20 now 290 x 20 (up 20 lbs)
    Drag Curls - 95 x 16 now 100 x 19 (up 5 lbs and 3 reps)
    T-Bar row - 260 x 9 now 280 x 8 (up 20 lbs down 1 rep)

    Before and Afters:

    Thoughts: The pictures speak for themselves. As my final lift was with Pacman8, I think he can also attest to my vascularity I've acquired because I don't feel that the lighting gives my arms true justice. This product has already been purchased by myself. It was simply short of incredible. A net change in weight or 4 lbs or so of pure bodyfat lost while the number clearly were climbing up. Another great part of this was the energy was long lasting and clean. There was no shakiness to it whatsoever and its effects were noted for around 5 hours. The focus was very very noticeable and pure up until the end when I was on antibiotics and my cns was wearing. Another effect that can't be left unsaid is the thermogenic effect of this supplement. I was sweating like a mad man in the gym everytime. I set multiple PR's and decreased pure bodyfat. I think Doug has a real winner in this product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to up their training to another level. Let me also note that no other dietary changes were made and that this supplement is truly one that can not be mimicked by diet. My diet was on point prior to this and this really helped push my workouts. The journey has been fun and another one will be coming. I look forward to the future of Core's products and hope they have some great things in the works. A big thanks to Doug and Dan for allowing this log to happen and shedding light on Core Nutritionals. I'd also like to thank everyone for stopping by because you all helped me stay motivated. I'd also like to answer any questions anyone may be left with so feel free to PM me them.
    Link to BigLA's log:

    Quote Originally Posted by AllGenetix View Post

    AllGenetix CORE ZAP Final Review

    I must preface this by saying that before this log started I was not a rep of CORE nutritionals, I was lucky enough to become a board rep in the last week of my sponsored log. That being said, I can unbiasedly say that ZAP was one of the most effective, efficient, and workout altering supplements that I have used. I was not much of a stim junkie as many on this board are. I have popped a few caffeine pills here and there but I tend to stay away from stims as they make me too jittery and crash too fast. From the first to last dose of ZAP, I could feel it working. The first effect I noticed was the quick hit of whole body thermogenesis beginning as early as my warmup sets. There was no jittery, high energy rush that most caffeine based products provide. The energy that ZAP provided was more of a controlled intensity, with mental clarity and focus. When I was in the gym, I had tunnel vision on my goal for the day and any distractions went unnoticed. I had consistent energy throughout the entirety of the workout with no crash or "come down" effect. Just good clean energy throughout. I even mentioned a few times that this product might be the downfall of me as I tend to overtrain in general, therefore my workout habits and the energy that ZAP provided left me wanting to stay in the gym forever! Now for the claims.....

    ZAP Claims:

    Awesome mental focus, clarity, and increased memory:
    10/10 - total focus, clarity, concentration, motivation, anything cognitive was enhanced by ZAP.

    Significant strength and performance increases:
    9/10 - Most, if not all of my lifts went up. Deadlift went up 30lb, front squat went up 15, bench up 10lb, T-Bar rows up 25lb, to mention a few. The energy and determination that ZAP provides almost makes you strive for more PR's each workout. The sustained energy helped me hit PR's later in the workout as well.

    Enhanced sense of well being:
    9/10 - Felt amazing throughout the workout, didn't really notice much else effect outside of the workout, but could definetly feel the euphoric feel about an hour after taking it.

    Improved metabolism and fat loss:
    8/10 - I was bulking on about 3.5-4k cal and didn't seem to gain an ounce of fat while gaining 3lb in a month of ZAP. This can be attributed to the increased energy and total body thermogenesis ZAP provides. You really don't want to leave the gym! Only an 8 because I wasn't cutting so I really couldn't assess this fully.

    Increased libido and aggression:
    9/10 - Libido was a hit or miss, I couldn't really tell as my "sessions" were nowhere near my workout times and I didn't take ZAP pre-"session". Aggresion was there, especially in the gym. People didn't fck with me when I was training, it puts you and keeps you "in the zone".

    9.5/10 - Amazing preWO supplement that provides you with consistent smooth energy that feels like a controlled intensity throughout the workout with little to no crash.

    Final Video
    Link to AllGenetix log: AllGenetix Gets Zapped By CORE

    Quote Originally Posted by TTewell View Post
    Thanks to Core for letting me test this out.

    I'm going to compare the effects to what I felt on RPM.

    ENERGY- ZAP ~ RPM This one is hard to compare. ZAP gave me a really clean, good feeling energy where as RPM gets me jacked and hyper.

    FOCUS- ZAP > RPM Zap really shines with this aspect. You are just in the zone, completely focused on every lift.

    MOOD- ZAP > RPM It just felt like nothing could bring me down. I was in a great mood for about 6 hours after taking it.

    AGGRESSION- ZAP < RPM This was the most disappointing part for me. I was expecting more in the way of aggression out of this. It was still better than most pre-workout supps.

    LIBIDO- ZAP < RPM Another disappointing aspect. It probably has to do with the high quantity of stimulants but I had NO libido for several hours after taking it.

    PUMP- ZAP < RPM This was tough to call. At 4 caps I wasn't getting much of a pump but when I raised it to 5 caps, the pumps got intense. Still, at recommended dosage RPM was better.

    Thermogenesis- ZAP > RPM If pigs actually had sweat glands, this is how much they would sweat! lol I'm already a heavy sweater but I was dripping sweat all over the gym even when the AC was down in the 60's!!

    AND THE WINNER IS... It's a tie!! They are really much more different than you would think. Both have their strong aspects. If you want more pump and aggression, go with RPM. If you want more of the energy and focus aspect, then go with ZAP.
    Will I buy ZAP? Sure will! I plan to try it stacked with Drive to make up for it's weak points.
    Link to TTewell's log: TTewell gets ZAPPED into shape!!

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