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  1. Awesome lift doug.. I'm destroying some PR's with Zap in my sponsored log as well. Can't wait to see where this takes me!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bigla2004 View Post
    Awesome lift doug.. I'm destroying some PR's with Zap in my sponsored log as well. Can't wait to see where this takes me!

  3. Wednesday June 4, 2008 - Arms

    Good workout tonight. My back is tore up from last night's back attack so I really tried to just burn it out and really squueze the arms tonight. Elbows still sore. Very good pump though. No ZAP tonight. One arm free motion pulldowns, out in front press machine, slow rope pushdowns, deep dumbbell skullcrushers, incline dumbbell curls, Zottman curls, slow cable preacher curls, concentration curls, rope hammer curl superset top forearm curls, standing ab machine.

  4. Thursday June 5, 2008 - Hams and Calves

    Oh Yeah!!!!! Strength through the roof!!!! Seated leg curls (PR stack plus 35), walking barbell lunges (back still tight from Tuesday but got a PR 225x12 and then 255x8), laying leg curl (stack plus 25), glute ham hyperextensions, outer thigh machine, standing calves (PR stack plus 3x45s), seated calves, straight leg raises.

    Here is a video of walking lunges 225x12 each leg. My meathead workout partner had the 255x8 on tape but he forgot to hit the record button LOL.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    It growing season!!!

  5. Friday June 6, 2008 - Shoulders/Traps

    Awesome workout today. Just felt in the zone. Barbell military, dumbbell military, barbell shrug, seated lat raise superset rear delt fly, smith machine upright rows, rear delt pec deck, rope abs. Sweating like crazy!

    Saturday June 7, 2008 - Cardio

    40 min incline treadmill

    Sunday June 8, 2008 - Quads and calves

    Simply awesome today. Popped some Core ZAP and then totally crushed quads. Smith machine ATG close stance squats (405 just felt light!), leg press superset hack squat ATG, leg extensions, inner thigh machine, seated calves, plate loaded toe press calves, ab machine. Knee felt good and strength was awesome.

  6. Monday June 9, 2008 - Chest

    Decent workout tonight. Not great. Not a Zap day. My elbows and shoulders have been pretty achy lately so my chest workouts have been somewhat affected. I have been gaining a decent amount of strength in my legs, back, arms, basically everywhere except my chest. Time to try some shock techniques next week. Flat barbell, incline barbell, flat leverage press, incline smith press with holds and x-reps, incline cable fly, v-situps.

  7. Tuesday June 10, 2008 - Back

    Whoa!!! It was crazy hot today...100 and humid in DC and the air conditioning was not working in the gym today....OMG I probably lost about 10 pounds in sweat....the heat in combination with ZAP was insane! Had trouble catching my breath today but had a great workout. Loose form barbell bent rows (PR 405x14), low hammer row machine, reverse grip MTS pulldown machine, deadlifts (never do them this late in the workout but I was able to bang out 17 with 405! and then repped it out with 495...I was VERY happy with this this late in the workout), rope pulldowns superset rear delt pec deck, side serratus abs.

    I got a Inzer power lifting belt today and I just don't like is too darn thick and unformfortable. I will stick to my cloth belt on is like I don't even have one on but it is very comfortable!

  8. Wednesday June 11, 2004 - Shoulders and Arms

    Tried something completely different today...did an extended version of was kind of crazy. 10x10 machine military press, 10x10 hammer shrength shrug superset 10x10 dumbbell lateral raises, 10x10 rope pushdown superset 10x10 seated hammer curls, 10x10 tricep did machine superset 10x10 preacher curls machine. Now the weights were relatively light compared to what I normally do but this was a crazy workout....pump and sweat were crazy and it was a nice break from always going to failure.

  9. Thursday June 12, 2008 - Hams and calves

    Had to train early this morning because Steph and I are going to Orlando today through Sunday. I hate training early in the morning but popped some ZAP and was ready to rock. I was drenched and really crushed it for a morning workout. Laying leg curl, smith lunges, barbell stiff leg (already beat up at this poiont but still managed to get 405x10), seated leg curl, outer thigh machine, seated calves, standing calves, and straight leg raises.

  10. Friday June 13, 2008 - Off

    Off day today but we spent 10 hours on our feet today. Steph and I were in Florida at the Vitamin Shoppe Management Conference promoting USP Labs products. Although I am the owner of Core Nutritionals, we truly believe in USP Labs products and the direction this company is going. They are one of the truly great supplement companies in this industry and Steph and I will continue to promote their products! Jon and Jacob at USP Labs are class acts! Although I expected Jacob to be a bit more scrappy; he is a tall/big dude LOL.
    ______________________________ ____________________

    Saturday June 14, 2008 - Off

    Spent the day at MGM/Disney.

    ______________________________ ____________________

    Sunday June 15, 2008 - Quads and Hams

    Steph and I absolutely crushed it today! I found an awesome new preworkout protocol. Core ZAP about 1 hour 15 mins preworkout, 100+ grams of carbs + 1 AP + 1 pslin one hour preworkout, and then 2-3 scoops of Core ABC + 5 g creatine about 15-30 minutes preworkout. Our intensity was through the roof today and we had a great food pump!!! ATG Hack squats feet close (PR 5 plates each side x20), walking dumbell lunges (got up to 120s), laying leg curls, barbell squats, leg press superset leg extensions, straight leg ups! Absolutely awesome day today!

    Doug hack squats feet close ATG (5 plates each sidex20)
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

    Doug walking lunges 110s
    [ame=""]YouTube - Doug Miller Pro BodyBuilder Core Nutritionals Lunges 110's[/ame]

    Doug walking lunges 120s (after further review, a major dingleberry distracted me before my set and I grabed one 115 LOL)
    [ame=""]YouTube - Doug Miller Pro BodyBuilder Core Nutritionals Lunges 120's[/ame]

    Steph walking lunges 80's (at a bodyweight of 133!)
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

    Steph walking lunges 85's (form broke a little here but I was so impressed with this!)


  11. Monday June 16, 2008 - Chest/Lat Width/Shoulders

    Another great workout with Steph. We crushed it once again! Flat dumbbell press (130x12, 140x9 light spot on 2, 150x6 light spot on 3....elbows and shoulder felt better on these today and I felt very strong), wide hammer pulldown, cable upright row, one arm incline hammer press, close grip lat pulldown (stack plus 2x45s), barbell military, flat fly machine, weighted ab machine.

  12. Tuesday June 17, 2008 - Arms and Calves

    Another VERY good workout. Rope pushdowns, lose form barbell curls (I actually tried 205 for the first time and got 3 and probably could have gotten 4...these make my bis very sore), dumbbell skullcrushers (got 95sx8), dumbbell hammer curl (100sx10 and 110sx7 drop to 90sx7), overhead cable extensions, high preacher curl machine superset reverse cable preacher curls, smith machine calves, free motion calve press, rope abs.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by CoreDoug View Post
    Thursday June 5, 2008 - Hams and Calves

    Here is a video of walking lunges 225x12 each leg. My meathead workout partner had the 255x8 on tape but he forgot to hit the record button LOL.

    It growing season!!!
    LOL, that is f'n hilarious, but I can attest to that walking lunge. I lift at Ballston and witnessed the 255 8x that night (it was brutally hot in the gym that night, no a/c or something).

    So nice job, very impressive.

    Checked out your supps very cool stuff, definitely going to try them out once through my last Netrition order. I also agree Gaspari has quality products. The girlfriend is trying to lose the fat she's been holding for years and I introduced her to Cytolean (along with teaching her some basics w/regards to nutrition) and she's happy with the product (lol so am I). I just wish she'd listen to me when it comes to the fact that lifting heavy won't make her huge, ugggh, f'n women got to love them. Anyway just trying to get her form down for now which is most important I think, don't want any injuries or setbacks.

    Good job on the business and the best of luck!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Hockey Rulz View Post
    LOL, that is f'n hilarious, but I can attest to that walking lunge. I lift at Ballston and witnessed the 255 8x that night (it was brutally hot in the gym that night, no a/c or something).

    So nice job, very impressive.

    Checked out your supps very cool stuff, definitely going to try them out once through my last Netrition order. I also agree Gaspari has quality products. The girlfriend is trying to lose the fat she's been holding for years and I introduced her to Cytolean (along with teaching her some basics w/regards to nutrition) and she's happy with the product (lol so am I). I just wish she'd listen to me when it comes to the fact that lifting heavy won't make her huge, ugggh, f'n women got to love them. Anyway just trying to get her form down for now which is most important I think, don't want any injuries or setbacks.

    Good job on the business and the best of luck!
    Have your wife check out the training section of my wife's website.... Women should be lifting heavy!

    Make your next order at Their prices will crush Netrition!


  15. Wednesday June 18, 2008 - Cardio

    40 mins incline treadmill. Sushi night!

    Thursday June 19, 2008 - Back thickness

    After a long day in Richmond for a client meeting where I did not have the opportunity to drink or eat as much as I like to, I still decided to crush back. I popped 4 ZAP and within 15 mins I was sweating before I even got to the gym. I was planning on starting with deadlifts but since my day was not optimal I decided to save them for later in the workout. I started with barbell bent rows (PR), high hammer row (PR 6 45's and 1 25 each side for 8), barbell t-bar row (PR 2 100s and 5 45's for 8 - the ZAP really kicked in on this exercise), deadlifts (lower back was shot at this point so I only went up to 405x14), hammer shrugs superset rear delt pec deck superset free motion pulldowns with a long squeeze, side serratus abs.
    Very solid and focused workout tonight!

  16. Double post

  17. Friday June 20, 2008 - Chest, Shoulders, and Calves

    I got stuck at work today for until about 8:45 tonight, but luckily I popped some Zap around 7 and was still fired up to hit the gym. By the time I started working out around 9:45 I was totally in a zone and the gym was pretty empty. I was completely focused tonight even after a long week and had some great lifts. I'm not very strong on chest movements but I was able to get the incline smith for 275x15, 315x5, 325x4 drop to 222x20. This was great for me. I then moved to hammer strength shoulder press, decline hammer press, dumbell front raises (got 90x10 and 100x5 each arm..that was heavy) superset seated lat raises, fly machine superset lat raise machine, angle plate loaded calves, seated calves, and weighted ab roller machine. Awesome workout.

    Saturday June 21, 2008 - Cardio

    40 mins incline treadmill.

  18. Sunday June 22, 2008 - Quads and Hams

    I was out late the night before for a bachelor party but nothing a little Core ZAP couldn't handle! Barbell squats (405x12), seated leg curls (PR), plate loaded squat machine superset leg press (PR on the squat machine), leg extensions superset laying leg curl, smith machine lunges, inner thigh machine, and straight leg raises. Good workout but couldn't get all my food down today because I woke up so late.

  19. Monday June 23, 2008 - Chest and Back (and traps)

    Another great workout. Haven't done incline dumbbell presses in a while and I felt very strong (120x12, 130x7, 140x3+1 drop to 105x8), t-bar support row (PR), incline leverage press (PR), low hammer row with long holds superset dumbbell shrug, free motion flys superset free motion pulldowns, ab machine.

  20. Tuesday June 24, 2008 - Arms and Calves

    Great workout tonight....I was beat going into it but really crushed it! I was able to get some videos of the lose form hammer curls with 110s. One arm cable pushdowns, over head dumbell extensions (150), v-pushdowns, lose form hammer curls (got 110x9 and 110x8 drop to 90x7), seated strict incline supinate curls, preacher machine superset cable reverse curls, toe press machine (stack + 3 plates), seated calves, v-situps. I was sweating like a pig and felt strong!

    Lose Form Hammer Curls 110x8 drop to 90x7
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  21. Wednesday June 25, 2008 - Shoulders/Traps

    My elbows were a little sore and my shoulder was a little tight but I still had a very solid workout tonight. Smith machine military, heavy lat raises with lose form, barbell shrugs (PR 605), bent over lat raises superset seated front raises, one arm dumbbell shrugs (great exercise!), machine military, rope abs.

  22. Thursday June 26, 2008 - Cardio

    40 min incline treadmill.

  23. Friday June 27, 2008 - Hams and Calves

    Absolutely crushed it tonight....a ZAPtastic workout :-). Steph and I were in the zone tonight! We started with SLDL/Romanian deadlifts. Steph was repping with 225! I did 455 for the first time and got it for 8. On the next set, Steph looks over at me and yells "Come on...CRUSH IT!" I then pulled it for 10 for another PR on stiff leg deadlifts! We got many looks tonight like "look at that crazy couple....what weirdos!" LOL. We then moved on to seated leg curls (another PR), super wide and slow hack squats pushing through the heals (these burned!), laying leg curls, outer thigh, seated calves, slow angled calf machine, standing weighted ab machine. Just an all around awesome workout tonight! Zoned and focused!

  24. Saturday June 28, 2008 - Chest and tris

    Another great ZAP filled workout, complete with some PRs on incline barbell. Very good pump today. Incline barbell (PR), flat hammer press (bothered shoulders), incline smith machine with holds at the bottom (great pump), fly machine, straight bar pushdown, out-in-front tricep press machine, close grip smith machine, heavy weighted ab machine.

    Sunday June 29, 2008 - Back and bis

    Steph and I had a lot of stuff to do today so we decide to wake up early (a sin for Sunday!) and crushed back and bis before anyone got to the gym. We were totally zoned and I could really feel the ZAP kick me into high gear about 15 minutes into my workout. Hammer pulldown with parallel grip, seated cable row (stack plus 2x45s), weighted pullups, barbell row superset barbell shrug, hammer strength preacher curl 21's, incline hammer curls, barbell curls superset rope curls, side rope ab twists.

  25. Monday June 30, 2008 - Cardio

    40 min incline treadmill.

    Tuesday July 1, 2008 - Quads and Hams

    Aww yeah what a way to start the month! I was struggling tonight and felt a little out of it but I popped ZAP and headed to the gym. By the time I was finished my 5 minute warmup on the bike I was ready to crush it. Started with ATG close stance smith squats and hit a PR (405x11 with a spot on 1). This was better then I have ever done even when I was 5-7 pounds heavier last year. I also banged out a light set of 225x35 after my heavy work sets. We then moved on to leg press superset with barbell squats (another PR). At this point I was wrecked but I still was focused and moved on to seated leg curls (PR - my hams are getting really strong which is good since this is a week spot for me) superset leg extensions, walking dumbbell lunges, inner thigh, 2 sets of slow laying leg curls, and straight leg raises. I have dropped the pslin since I ran out and am megadosing AP at 6 per day. It is working great. Steph and I are on a mission!

  26. Wednesday July 2, 2008 - Chest/lat width/shoulders

    The string of good workouts continues and Steph and I hit it hard once again. Flat dumbbell press (PR 140x10 with help on 2 - my shoulder has been bothering me a little so I was VERY happy with this), smith upright row (PR), close grip pulldown (PR). I then really focused on slowing down the rep tempo after that: Incline hammer press, smith machine military, hammer strength lat pulldown, fly machine. Felt full and strong. We are going out of town tomorrow so I may not be able to post my journal but we will continue to hit it hard!

  27. Thursday July 3, 2008 - Arms and Calves

    I hate early workouts but this was a good one. Rope pushdowns, cable preacher curls (awesome pump), overhead cable extensions, one arm dumbell hammer curls over bench superset rope hammer curls, deep dumbbell skulcrushers (elbows sore), barbell curls, free motion calf press, standing calves, rope abs. Time to get on the road. Looking forward to picking up some good fireworks on the road!

  28. Friday July 4, 2008 - Cardio

    Long walk outside. Set off an awesome firework display. Almost caught a tree on fire! LOL

    Saturday July 5, 2008 - Back thickness and traps

    Trained in Williamsport, PA in this small gym but it had some very good hardcore equipment. Got lots of sleep so I had a great workout. Barbell bent rows (PR), t-bar support row, row machine (slow with holds), deadlifts (back was tired at this point but I pulled 405x20 and 495x5), rope pulldowns superset rear delt fly machine, dumbell shrugs, v-situps.

    Sunday July 6, 2008 - Chest/Shoulders/Calves

    Another very long night sleep and good workout in PA. My left shoulder has been bothering me lately on chest exercises but I still seemed to get a good pump (especially in my shoulders). Incline barbell (hold at chest and slow), machine military, incline hammer press, dumbbell front raises (PR) superset lat raise machine, flat machine fly superset seated lat raises, smith machine calves, seated calves, ab machine.

    Monday July 7, 2008 - Cardio

    Long walk outside.

  29. Tuesday July 8, 2008 - Quads and Hams

    Just an awesome workout tonight....It started out a little slow and Steph and I were a little distracted to start the workout but we managed to get into a zone. The gym was hot as h@ll tonight and we were drenched. It made it very hard to breath but after our second exercise we felt like energizer bunnies (read: ZAP!). We started with leg extensions and laying leg curls for some preexhaustion before moving on to the more compound exercises. We then hit leg press superset hack squat, seated leg curls, walking barbell lunges (Steph worked up to 185!), barbell squats ATG (I was pretty beat at this point but I was able to hit a set of 225x25 and 315x10 @ss to grass...I was very happy about that). We finished with inner and outer thigh machine and some leg raises.

  30. Wednesday July 10, 2008 - Chest/Back/Traps

    No ZAP today and I had an out of character workout. I really felt awful after my second exercise and then really had to just focus on squeezing the muscles as best as I could. My left shoulder was also bothering me (to ART I go). Incline smith, t-bar nautilus (PR), low incline fly, high hammer row, incline machine press, free motion pulldown, dumbbell shrugs, ab roller machine.

    I think I'm still beat from yesterday's awesome workout!

  31. Thursday July 10, 2008 - Arms and Calves

    Came back with a great workout today. My arms were so pumped I could barely bend them. Plate loaded reacher machine, standing alternating supinate curls (worked up to 100s with lose form), hammer rope curls superset laying cable curls (these are awesome!), v-pushdowns, dumbbell skullcrushers, rope pushdowns, toe press machine, standing calf raises, rope abs.

  32. Friday June 11, 2008 - Traps and Shoulders

    Awesome workout! Man I know you are probably tired of hearing it but the effectivenss of ZAP impresses me more and more. I took it around 3:30 and trained at 5:30 and had an amazing workout. I was just totally zoned. Mixed things up today and focused on traps first. Barbell shrugs (worked up to 635 PR), one arm dumbbell shrugs (love these), rear delt peck dec superset slow negative cable upright rows, one arm cable bent lat raises superset one arm cable lat raises, cable free motion presses, dumbbell military presses, standing ab machine. My traps were crushed!

  33. Saturday July 12, 2008 - Off/Cardio

    Steph bought a new bike and I had my mountain bike tuned up so we went for a short ride to get used to riding again.

    Sunday July 13, 2008 - Quads and Calves

    Very good workout yet again. I trained early in the morning but was fired up. My joints (knees) have been pretty achy but once they are warm I power through. Plate loaded squat machine, ATG feet close hack squats (I was really fired up here and in the middle of my set Steph said I let out a huge Rick Flare woooooo that quieted the whole gym.....oops LOL), leg press machine (squat-type leg press machine) superset leg extensions, one leg smith lunges, inner thigh machine, seated calves, leg press calves, straight leg ups. I was wrecked and basically spent the afternoon and evening on the couch with Steph watching movies. Great day!

  34. Monday July 14, 2008 - Chest

    Good workout tonight. Wanted to take 'er a little easy because of the shoulder and instead go for a great pump and high reps. Mission accomplished! Awesome pump and little to no shoulder pain. Flat dumbbell press, seated free motion flys, incline smith press with holds at the bottom, decline hammer press with holds at the top, flat barbell press, v-situps.

  35. Tuesday July 15, 2008 - Back

    Holy doodooballs that was a ridiculous workout. We started with deadlifts and I was able to match some PRs which I was extremely happy with since I was using my new Inzer belt for the first time. It will take a little while to break that bad boy in. We then went to high hammer rows (PR), barbell t-bar rows in the corner (PR), barbell rows (these were really hard at this point), reverse MTS pullldown superset reverse pec deck, side serratus abs. I slept like a baby after that workout and I'm sure I will be sore for days.

  36. Wednesday July 16, 2009 - Arms

    My back was absolutely tore up from yesterday so I had to go with exercises with back support for my arms. Got a great pump even with some sore elbows. Reverse cable pulldowns, tricep dip machine, overhead cable extensions, rope pushdowns, seated strict supinate curls, high preacher machine, seated support strict hammer curls superset rope hammer curls, laying cable curls, wrist curls behind superset wrist curls in front, rope abs.

  37. Thursday July 17, 2008 - Hams and Calves

    My lower back was still extremely sore from back two days ago so no SLDL tonight. Still managed to hit some PRs and had a very good workout. Great pump once again. One leg standing curls (super slow), Bulgarian smith split squats (awesome pump), seated leg curls (PR), glute ham hypers, outer thigh machine, leg press calves, angle hammer calves superset seated calves, side plate twists, v-crunches.

  38. Friday July 18, 2008 - Traps and shoulders

    Started with traps first again today and was really able to light 'em up. I must have lost 5 pounds in sweat easy! One arm dumbbell shrugs, hammer shrugs superset reverse pec deck, seated dumbbell lat raises, rear delt fly machine superset seated dumbbell front raises, smith machine military, hammer strength military, ab machine....great pump again today. Off to Busch Gardens super early tomorrow!

  39. Saturday July 19, 2008 - OFF

    Spent 7 hours walking around in 100 degree heat at Busch Gardens. Talk about cardio!

    Sunday July 20, 2008 - Quads and Calves

    Every 3-6 months or so I like to do a 200 rep squat day. Today I crushed it. I did narrow stance deep smith squats with 225. I actually hit 216 reps in 7 sets. My reps were 50, 35, 30, 28, 26, 25, 22. This was definitely a PR. I was really happy with the 50 rep set. Most I got before was 45. I was totally wrecked at this point but the ZAP was really kicking in so I moved on to 4 sets of heavy leg extensions, inner thigh machine, seated calves, toe press machine calves, and straight leg ups. The AC was not working to well at the gym I trained at so I was sweating even more than usual. My clothes were completely soaked. Love it! Weighed myself last Friday...219. Weight is slowly creeping up :-)

  40. Monday July 21, 2008 - Chest

    Crushed it again. I got to train with my brother-in-law tonight so it was a good change up. My shoulder was feeling MUCH better (thank you megadosing Supercissus). I set a PR on incline barbell press and all my lifts were very good. Incline barbell press, flat dumbbell presses, incline leverage press, incline smith press with holds at the top and bottom, flat fly machine, and ab machine. Intensity was very high tonight! Legs are absolutely wrecked from yesterday.


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