Core Burn
The Ultimate Fat Incinerator

Serving Size:2-3 Capsules
Servings Per Container:50-75
Amount Per 2 Capsules % Daily Value*
ForsLean® Coleus forskohlii root extract (10% forskolin) 67 mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% chlorogenic acid) 267 mg
Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG) 333 mg
Olea europaea leaf extract (20% oleuropein) 167 mg
Raspberry Ketone (4-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanone) 67 mg
Rauwolfia vomitoria root bark extract (90% rauwolscine) 4 mg
Bacopa monnieri (50% bacosides) 133 mg
Higenamine (Demethylcoclaurine) 20 mg
Picamilon (Nicotinyl-y-aminobutyric acid) 50 mg
Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine) 150 mg
† Daily Value Not Established
* Percent Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Stearate

Core BURN is setting a new standard for fat-burning effectiveness!

For years, many supplement companies have been hyping their products for reducing fat by seizing on one or two improperly dosed active ingredients and producing a “kitchen-sink,” proprietary blend formula. These formulas might in theory have some limited effectiveness, but they often don’t work because of the improper doses of their active ingredients.

Core BURN is changing the game by carefully combining ten potent compounds—in the correct, clinically demonstrated doses—to create a powerful, balanced product for destroying fat. Core BURN is designed to target the precise primary and secondary metabolic pathways for incinerating fat while preserving muscle! Like all Core Nutritionals’ products, the ingredient amounts are clearly labeled. We don’t hide behind “proprietary blends.” With our products, you know exactly what you are getting.

So what makes Core BURN special?

Every week, there is a new story about a “breakthrough” or “miracle” substance that will obliterate fat. Some of these claims may actually have some merit. But the truth is that the biochemical processes of lipolysis (fat burning) are very complex and tightly regulated by the endocrine system and other biochemical pathways. Navigating this maze to effectively shrink or eliminate adipose tissue doesn’t work with just one “miracle” compound. It involves numerous agents that activate different metabolic functions, while suppressing others. No single “magic” compound can do the job alone.

Core BURN takes tried-and-true fat burning compounds, such as caffeine and green tea extract, and then adds the most potent new discoveries of modern clinical research – like forskolin, rauwolscine, and higenamine – to deliver a product that obliterates adipocyte cells before they can even settle in as fatty deposits.

To understand how Core BURN works, it’s necessary to take a look at how the lipolytic process works. Fat cells have receptors—sort of like windows in the cell membrane—that allow hormones and other signaling agents to tell the cell what to do. Fat cells (and also muscle cells) have a special type of these, called adrenergic receptors or adrenoreceptors (they “receive” adrenaline). Type alpha (α) are activated to create and store fat, while the type beta (β)-adrenergic receptors are in charge of breaking down the fat. Some chemical compounds activate one or the other of these adrenoreceptors (they are called agonists) and others suppress them (called antagonists).

When the body goes into “fight or flight” mode it activates the sympathetic nervous system and releases the catecholamine hormones, epinephrine and adrenaline. These interact with the adrenoreceptors on the fat cells and begin a complex cascade of reactions that ends with elevated levels of something called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which ultimately causes the fat cell to be broken down into free fatty acid (for energy) and glycerol.

So, to burn fat, you just suppress the α-adrenoreceptors, activate the β-adrenoreceptors and increase levels of cAMP. Simple, right? Hardly. Because the process is so complex, and because some attempts to increase fat burning can backfire (adrenergic receptors can become desensitized from excessive stimulation), it takes a multi-pronged approach, with numerous different compounds that interact in specific ways and with specific doses. That is the secret to Core BURN’S effectiveness.

Now, with that background, here is a closer look at the ingredients.

ForsLean® Coleus forskohlii root extract (10% forskolin)

Forskolin is an amazing compound, with considerable clinical evidence demonstrating its efficacy for burning fat and supporting lean mass. Because it is such an important ingredient in Core BURN, we decided to go for the highest quality product on the market. ForsLean® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation and is the only Coleus forskohlii preparation supported by US Patent # 5,804,596 defined as "….a method of preparing a forskohlin composition…and use of forskohlin for promoting lean body mass…”

Core BURN attacks fat from every direction. Therefore, some of the ingredients work together to properly stimulate the right adrenoreceptors and initiate the chemical cascade that breaks down fat cells. But there are also other strategies for blasting adipose tissue. Forskolin has the special ability to up-regulate cAMP by bypassing the adrenergic receptors altogether. So in addition to the adrenaline stimulants in Core BURN, we’ve included this biologically complex compound that has numerous beneficial effects for athletes.

In addition to directly stimulating cAMP’s fat-burning processes, studies suggest forskolin may also promote healthy natural testosterone production, improve thermogenesis, and suppress expression of the gene that signals fat storage.

Green coffee bean extract (50% chlorogenic acid)

Coffee’s health benefits have been slowly gaining recognition, for good reason. High quality coffee improves the mental state and mood, and can significantly improve athletic performance. It also contains a very effective fat-burning agent – chlorogenic acid. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this substance is considerably reduced when coffee beans are roasted. That’s why Core BURN extracts the relevant compounds out of the bean before they are destroyed by heat.

Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol that may reduce the proliferation of fat cells through its antioxidant properties. It also has the interesting capability of reducing the absorption of circulating blood glucose, which redirects the body to obtain necessary energy from the next available source – adipose tissue. This is yet another angle of attack on fat stores!

Green tea extract (50% EGCG)

Green tea is highly regarded around the world for its overall health benefits. Among other qualities, it contains a powerful agent called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This is a potent polyphenol antioxidant that has been found to elevate the body’s metabolic rate and lead to improved lipolysis (fat burning). Research indicates that it also aids in appetite control.

Olea europaea leaf extract (20% oleuropein)

The olive plant has been associated with health since ancient Greece. Modern science has zeroed in on the plant compounds most effective for breaking down fat. Olea europeae (olive leaf) extract has been found to promote thyroid output, i.e. crank up the body's metabolism and burn fat for energy. Two important fat burning substances, T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine), are produced by the thyroid gland. Some clinical research has found that olive leaf extract can elevate the production of these hormones by almost 250 percent! There is also evidence that in addition to the thyrogenic capability, olive leaf improves adrenaline production with its attendant lipolytic effects.

Raspberry ketone (4-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanone)

Raspberry ketone became a hugely popular fat-loss product when Dr. Oz described it as the new “miracle in a bottle.” There is some solid science to support its ability to burn fat, and it has some interesting biochemical effects on its own. But it works much more effectively in conjunction with other compounds. It complements the other ingredients in Core BURN by targeting a slightly different pathway for fat reduction.

One substance not discussed in the explanation of lipolysis above is adiponectin. This is a polypeptide secreted by adipose tissue to regulate fatty acid oxidation. Clinical studies indicate that raspberry ketone stimulates production of adiponectin to increase fat burning. One laboratory study showed that raspberry ketone’s effect on adiponectin significantly controlled both obesity and fatty liver in mice fed a high-calorie diet.

Rauwolfia vomitora root bark extract (90% Rauwolscine)

We’ve discussed how Core BURN attacks fat from every direction. A big part of that is stimulating the β-adrenoreceptors that break up fat cells. But by including Rauwolscine, Core BURN also aggressively suppresses the α-receptors that signal fat creation and storage. (Which means it’s an α-adrenoreceptor antagonist).

Let’s look at that in a little more detail. You’ve heard of yohimbine. It has been billed as a pretty potent fat-burner, but has some serious limitations, including a jittery, anxious feeling that some people experience. Rauwolscine (alpha-yohimbine) is the next generation. It vastly exceeds traditional yohimbine’s ability to specifically suppress the α-2 adrenoreceptors, and so more directly leads to burning fat. (It also seems to reduce the anxiety induced by regular yohimbine).

That’s what is really amazing about this ingredient. While other compounds are hitting the GO button for fat-burning, Rauwolscine is signaling STOP to the growth of adipocytes (fat cells). And because this ingredient interacts most effectively with fat cells that have the most α-adrenoreceptors, it specifically locates those areas that are most “troublesome” for fat loss -- the gut for guys and the gluteal/pelvic area for women. Core BURN provides an incredible one-two punch, with Rauwolscine preventing those hips and bellies from getting bigger… while the other ingredients in Core BURN are simultaneously hard at work burning off fat cells by targeting the β-receptors.

Bacopa monnieri (50% bacosides)

This ingredient promotes the thyroid hormone called thyroxine (T4) which the body converts to another, more powerful, compound called triiodothyronine (T3). Both of these agents supplement the natural secretions of the thyroid gland to pump up the metabolism. Bacopa monnieri is also considered to be an effective anti-anxiety supplement, which works well to balance some of the stimulants in Core BURN.

Picamilon (Nicotinyl-y-aminobutyric acid)

Several compounds in Core BURN activate the adrenal/epinephrine hormones to incinerate fat cells. That’s effective, but the stimulation process can be unwelcome at times. Picamilon is a nootropic that may promote a relaxing effect because it has the special ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to be hydrolyzed into the calming compounds GABA and niacin. Let’s face it, dieting can be stressful and irritating. This ingredient may help to offset the negative mental side effects of calorie restriction. Once again, Core BURN combines all the essential ingredients needed for an overall, effective weight-loss strategy.

Higenamine (Demethylcoclaurine)

No fat-loss productive can be effective without activating the β-adrenergic receptors on the fat cell walls. And that is what higenamine does very well. Laboratory studies indicate that higenamine mostly bypasses the fat-increasing α-adrenoreceptors and has wide-reaching effects for targeting the fat-dissolving β-receptors in various tissues, including the abdominal and intestinal areas. Core BURN includes a hefty dose of this important ingredient.

Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine)

Caffeine has many beneficial effects for energy and athletic performance. It stimulates the Central Nervous System and activates the metabolism. Two analyses of the many studies performed on caffeine found that workout endurance could be improved by up to 12% with prior ingestion of caffeine. But it also has a great synergistic effect with Core BURN’s β-adrenoreceptor agonists. It works especially well with higenamine to keep the fat-burning process going, while slowing down the cell’s tendency to become desensitized to chemical stimulation.