ABC Flavor Poll

  1. ABC Flavor Poll

    Which flavor are you most excited to see released as a Core ABC flavor.

    White Cherry or Lemonade!?

  2. 1st and Lemonade!

  3. Maybe we will do both at the same time!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CoreDoug View Post
    Maybe we will do both at the same time!
    I vote this option !

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dbc5 View Post
    I vote this option !
    in for both. i like mixing too!

  6. I like the sound of white cherry
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  7. I'd opt for both too. If forced to choose only one then I'd go with White Cherry. There's several EAA or BCAA products that are lemonade flavored so a unique flavor may have greater appeal.

  8. i would love to see a raspberry flavor. By the way I just ordered the fruit punch flavor of abc. I post a review when I get it. I hope it tastes good!


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