JazZap Review

  1. JazZap Review

    I'm simply going to do a bullet style list of the things I noticed when I took my sample of this.

    I did 25 min. HIIT on my stationary bike

    *Slight energy boost, I might be stim-tolerant 5/10
    *After about 30 mins. of taking it, my body temp was raised fairly significantly and during exercise I was sweating slightly more than usual 8/10
    *I noticed some increased muscle hardness, I attribute this to the icariin 7/10
    *I had tremendous mental clarity and found myself being more talkative than usual 10/10

    Overall I think zap is a winner, I can def see myself using this in the future to give me that pre-workout boost. 8/10

    Great job Doug!

  2. Nice Review! Thanks.

    Try it about 60 minutes preworkout next time.

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