Core Zap Final Review

  1. Core Zap Final Review

    After having 3 workouts without Zap, I feel I can now give a final review knowing the difference of being on and off Zap after 4 weeks of continuous use. I have used many pre-workout supplements such as NO-Xplode, Vasocharge, Superpump 250, Shock Therapy, Black Powder, and Nano Vapor. I was a bit skeptical since I am so used to taking pre-workout products in powder form, but this ranks as one of the best.

    Jitter free, yet extreme energy: 8/10
    I never felt the extreme energy except on a few occasions where I was really jacked up for my workout. It definitely helped out big time after working an 8 hour shift and hitting the gym, but I did find the more sleep I had the night before, the better the energy. Zap definitely has a slap in the face, wake up, feeling to it. Timing played into this also, found that 30-45 was my sweet spot with 1 hour being too long pre-workout. By the time I did my warm up sets, energy was kicking in. Not once did I have a lethargic, about to crash feeling after my workouts, and even taking it around 6, I had no trouble falling asleep.

    Awesome mental focus, clarity, and increased memory: 9/10
    Regardless of how tired I was, when I hit the weights the mind and muscle connection was always there. At points it felt as if there was nothing around me and all I could focus on was moving the weight. This is definitely an area where Zap shines.

    Significant strength and performance increases: 9.5/10
    Being 6 weeks into a contest diet, I have made some of the greatest strength gains all around. I went from a squat of 270 for 6 to 305/5, incline bench was 180/6 now at 195/5 with better form (actually I have focused on better form with all exercises and strength has increased), and barbell row went from 175 for 3 sets of 8 to 185 for 3 sets of 8 (and thats just a few notables). Recovery between sets was phenomenal and I was able to kill HIIT cardio following some brutal workouts, especially legs. I?ve found that now I get much more fatigued during HIIT post workout being off Zap.

    Increased sense of well being: 8.5/10
    Most days I felt like a million bucks walking in and out of the gym, like nothing could stop me from attaining my goals and leaving no doubt left behind. I had a few of ?just one of those days workout? that left a sour taste in my mouth but I only came back stronger and more focused.

    Increased metabolism and fat loss: 9/10
    Starting weight and waist: 169.8 and 34.5
    Ending weight and waist: 163.8 and 32
    6 lb weight loss and 2.5 off the waist in 4 weeks, while increasing strength!
    Being on a fat loss diet it was inevitable to lose weight but the progress I have been making has been some of my best. While on Zap I was leaving the gym drenched in sweat (not so much now being off of it), even my fianc?e was leaving the gym drenched after taking 2 caps. The increased thermo-genesis on this product was top notch,

    Overall rating 9/10
    Zap will now be a staple in my pre-contest supplementation and I?ll follow a 4 weeks on 1 week off split. It?s definitely not a necessity but it brings the intensity and focus of my workouts to an even higher level than I do being off of it and I love the increased thermo-genesis. If you have not tried Zap yet, look into giving it a shot because I feel you have nothing to lose.

    (And don't forget the ABC and MRP to top it off )

  2. Awesome review! Thanks.

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