Success with bulk BCAAs added to Purple Wraath?

  1. Success with bulk BCAAs added to Purple Wraath?

    I've been looking to get my BCAAs on steroids so to speak. I really like the look of Purple Wraath. However I would like to get more BCAA (especially when cutting) but don't necessarily need the extra stuff in PW. Do you know if people have had good luck adding bulk BCAA to PW? Especially taste-wise.


  2. I have not personally tried it but, I dont see any reason why you would have a problem mixing extras in, i think its a pretty good idea. You can never get enough bcaas.

  3. I'm mixing extend and extra BCAAS and taste is no prob. What dosages are people using either way and is both before and after workout on an empty stmach or what?

  4. Definitely no problem addins in some extra BCAAs or leucine. Many have done this or even stacked with Xtend.

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