How long is PW stable/effective in water?

  1. How long is PW stable/effective in water?

    I dont/cant really lift anymore so this is pertaining to my workday.

    Here is what my workday looks like:
    6:30am- 1.5g Beta alanine, 2g citrulline malate, 1g alcar, 1.5g cissus

    7:00am- Breakfast + 2 orange triads

    8:30am-12:45pm- Sipping on 1.5 scoops of PW + 1.5g BA, 1.5g CM, 1g alcar, and 50g palatinose.

    1:00pm-Lunch + 2 orange triads and 1g cissus

    2:00pm- This is where it gets tricky. Most days at work, all the hard/heavy lifting is done in the morning. If I get a couple of tough orders I will sip on another 1.5 scoops of PW + 1.5g BA, 1.5g CM, and 1g alcar until my shift is over at 4:30. If however, I dont get any tough orders, I wont drink my little concoction. I have everything mixed up already though so the aminos can all dissolve. This means the solution will have sat for over 24 hours before I drink it the next morning. Is it still effective?

    Im asking this here instead of the supps section because I basically just have a beefed up version of PW with the addition of alcar and palatinose.

  2. As far as effectiveness, it should be fine for at least 24 hours. Heat is also a factor, so keep it cold for best results / best taste.

    Email: pt [at]

  3. I like to make mine about a hour before I lift and then keep it in the fridge until I go to workout. Nice, cold ad ready to go

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