Bulge and Flood

  1. Bulge and Flood

    I ordered myself some Green Bulge and White Blood to last me a month. This alone will help me with strength and maybe size right? Im not worried about taking Purple Wraath becuase my protein is VERY high in BCAA's. Or should I consider buying it?

    Basically will those 2 supplements alone work for me?

  2. Sorry to say we do not recommend any supplement to anyone under the age of 18.

    We would rather you focus on your diet, training, rest, and hydration. If youhave any questions in this agea we will be more then happy to help you get your bases down.

  3. Alright sounds good to me.

    Hows the diet?
    - 2800 calories
    - 280g protein
    - 250g carbs
    - 40 grams of fat (12 is olive oil)

    I eat 30 grams of protein every 2-3 hours and I eat under 12 grams of saturated fat a day.

    Hows rest?
    8-9 Hours of sleep.

    Hows the Hydration?
    125oz a day

    Training. 3 days a week. cardio 3 other days
    M-Bi's Tri's
    W-Back and Shoulders
    F- Legs and Chest
    Sunday-??who knows??

    Abs 1-2 times per week.

    workout under 45 min.

    Sets:5-7 Sets
    Reps:4-6 (for heavy sets not warmup)

    Ive been reasearching the past 6 months about everyday for a few hours and I hope this is good.

    Diet depends on what im doing.bulking,cutting,maintain ing. may cycle carbs too.

  4. Oh wow I made a huge typo. I meant I would be taking White Blood NOT White Flood. gosh darn it I hate typing!!

  5. Looks pretty good, glad to see someone so young put actual time into their training and diet. Build that strong base and you will do well.



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