CONTROLLED LABS signs amateur bodybuilder MarkAnthony Doublet !

  1. Exclamation CONTROLLED LABS signs amateur bodybuilder MarkAnthony Doublet !


    CONTROLLED LABS signs amateur bodybuilder MarkAnthony Doublet !

    New Rochelle, New York - April 25th, 2007

    Doing our part to bring symmetry and aesthetics back to bodybuilding, CONTROLLED LABS is proud to announce the signing of amateur bodybuilder MarkAnthony Doublet. CONTROLLED LABS is one of the fastest growing nutritional supplement companies nationwide, focusing on products that safely improve athletic performance and fat loss. Since 2005, CONTROLLED LABS has gained popularity within the bodybuilding community with it's ongoing support of the fitness / nutrition community, unique business strategy, and cost-effective products featured in major retailers like Vitamin World, Vitamin Shoppe, and major internet stores like ************.com.

    Vision...the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be...

    First introduced to bodybuilding by his father (a former competitor) MarkAnthony envisioned himself becoming very active in the health and fitness industry by competing and working with athletes. Now a nutrition graduate, personal trainer as well as a natural competitor, he is here for the long hall... and his vision has paid off. He competed in his first bodybuilding show in 2005, and is currently preparing for his fourth contest on May 26th, 2007.

    Contest History:

    WNSO Fame NYC - Placing: 3rd
    WNSO Fame Big Apple - Placing: 2nd

    MarkAnthony on nutrition:

    "Just like every beginner when I started lifting, putting on weight was my only concern. Taking in over 5000 calories a day and lifting everything at the gym I took myself from 192lbs to 230lbs in two years. By age 20, looking more like a powerlifter then a bodybuilder, I was not happy with my symmetry and decided something needed to change. That change was not so much my training style but diet and supplements. The past 4 years I have really paid a great deal of attention to my eating, being consistent and writing it all down. Still experimenting with my ratios and finding out what my body likes, there?s no doubt diet is a big part of bodybuilding and reaching your goals. Every year I try something different with my calories and ratios to see what works best."

    MarkAnthony on training:

    "From day one, my training intensity has been what Dorin Yates would call ?Balls to the Wall?. I stick to a 4 day split of chest & shoulders, legs, back and finish off my week with arms. Each muscle group is trained with 2-3 exercises, 3-4 sets, 8-10 reps, heavy and to failure. Cardio will be increased depending on the date of a show. My style of training stays the same in the off/on season but my diet is what truly changes for a show."

    MarkAnthony on supplements:

    "Supplements are the icing on the cake. With out the actual cake mix you have nothing, but once you have the cooking down the icing can make a huge impact. I?ve experimented with a bunch of different combination of proteins, creatines and amino acids but have never really found that Boom, until I discovered Arginine and Ornithine. The combination of these two amino acids is amazing. Not only do they give you a great pump but they definitely have increased my strength and size. I take both when I?m trying to put on size or maintain my muscle mass when dieting down for a show. The only down fall is all the pills I have to pop in a day. I recently found out about a product that combines both amino acids but also gives me a nice hit energy, WHITE FLOOD by CONTROLLED LABS. This drink is definately the icing on the cake."

    His vision has paid off.... and we are proud to welcome MarkAnthony to the CONTROLLED LABS TEAM !
    Email: pt [at]

  2. Quote Originally Posted by pu12en12g View Post
    Saturday May 26th is the day folks !!!
    East Islip, NY.
    "2007 NPC Long Island Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship"
    UPDATE: Congrats to Mark for placing 4th @ his first NPC show !!!

    Email: pt [at]

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