Flooded by Wraath

  1. Flooded by Wraath

    I finally had the opportunity to sample White Flood. I was actually looking to try this out on my own one day, but given the opportunity to sample the WF, I was all over it.

    I mixed my sample pack with 16oz of water. Took a sip to sample the taste. Not too bad. Then down the hatch.

    Within minutes I felt a nice tingling sensation.

    I had a solid workout, where I sipped on Purple Wraath. This help keep the tingling sensation throughout my workout. I didn't mind the old PW formula, but the new v is pretty tasty.

    I had a great workout, and looking to add WF to my current pre-wo line-up.

    Taste 4/5 - I would like a stronger Lemonade flavor personally, I might add some Lemonade crystal light to it, but this is probably the 2nd best tasting pre-wo drink I tasted.

    Sensation 5/5 - I love the tingling sensation. The only downside is, I am very stimulant tolerant so I didn't get any really energy burst, but nonetheless, i could feel the ba kicking in.

    Effectiveness 4/5 - I had a good pump, maintained energy. Didn't get an aggressiveness to it llike another pre-wo supp I take, and I didn't sweat as much. I believe WF and my other pre-wo supp would be a killer combo.

    Overall 13/15 - A very solid pre-wo formula.

    *I didn't rate PW. A supplement like this is hard to rate it's effectiveness on a short term basis, but the ingredient profile makes it a contender and is on my short-list to try in upcoming workouts.

    CL, thanks for letting me sample these products.


  2. thanks for the feedback

  3. No problem. Thanks for the samples I enjoyed them.

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