CONTROLLED LABS signs competitive "PowerBuilder" Eric Helms (Quelly)

  1. CONTROLLED LABS signs competitive "PowerBuilder" Eric Helms (Quelly)


    CONTROLLED LABS signs competitive "PowerBuilder" Eric Helms !

    New Rochelle, New York - April 24, 2007

    Doing our part to support amateur athletes, CONTROLLED LABS is proud to announce the signing of competitive "PowerBuilder" Eric Helms. CONTROLLED LABS is one of the fastest growing nutritional supplement companies nationwide, focusing on products that safely improve athletic performance and fat loss. Since 2005, CONTROLLED LABS has gained popularity within the bodybuilding community with it's ongoing support of the fitness / nutrition community, unique business strategy, and cost-effective products featured in major retailers like Vitamin World, Vitamin Shoppe, and major internet stores like


    Name: Eric Helms
    Born: April 22, 1983 Oakland, CA
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 220lbs
    Contest: 180lbs
    Years Training: 3

    Growing up, Eric was never a very physical child, he was active in some sports but didn't excel. Studying Karate and learning Japanese philosophies such as Bushido, he learned to meditate at a very young age and these practices interested him far more than the physical aspects. He enjoyed the focus on being balanced and controlled and eventually these concepts and disciplines would play a role in his life. After 9 years of studying Isshinryu Karate, Eric moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento where he stayed active in martial arts, discovered breakdancing, and ran track (hated it). But still, he had not found anything at this point that was his physical "calling".

    Aim high...

    In the Air Force, Eric stayed fit and disciplined and was soon promoted to Physical Conditioning Flight Commander (responsible for the physical conditioning of every trainee in the squadron), and he excelled at it. His friends dragged him to the gym to lift weights, but he wasn't hooked on the bodybuilding lifestyle and lifted "like a fool". Two and a half years into his Air Force career, someone very close to him was raped. Located across the country and feeling powerless, Eric was eating himself up inside with anger, couldn't sleep, and couldn't cope. At Eric's request, a close friend introduced to him what would become his life: Bodybuilding


    Inspired by the writings of Arnold himself, Eric starting hitting the gym regularly and imitated the training styles of the golden era bodybuilders. During his very first hardcore workout, Eric threw up (and threw out his back), but he was in the gym the next day, learning from injury and working around it. Eric's world became protein shakes, george foreman grilling, and stories of Mentzer, Arnold, and Columbo. When they weren't eating, talking about bodybuilders of the past, or hitting the iron, Eric and his friends would learn everything they could from books, magazines, and


    Focused on nutrition, dedicated in the gym, and trying every legal supplement under the sun, Eric grew from a 174lb runner to a bulked up 220lbs within 2 years. After the Air Force, he got certified as a personal trainer and transformed from 220lb @ 16-18% body fat to 215lb @ 12% body fat. With competitive bodybuilders constantly asking Eric for advice on bodybuilding nutrition and training, he started thinking seriously about competing.


    In 2006 Eric helped organize (and competed in) a local powerlifting competition, benching 320lbs (RAW) and deadlifted 495lbs (RAW) at a bodyweight of 209lbs. He placed second in his weight class, third place overall best deadlift, and had a blast. At this competition Eric met a man In his 60's (former Mr. Alaska) that had over 30 years of experience as an NPC and INBF head judge. Mr. Alaska told Eric that with his obvious dedication, he could become a great bodybuilder. As a "test judge" at a local INBF show Eric got to see his first contest, and the confidence and grace of the competitors displaying their hard work touched something deep inside him. There was no looking back... he would compete.

    New Challenges:

    After getting married and moving back to California, Eric realized that in California he would face the toughest competitors in the sport. Inspired by today's natural champions like Rob Hope, John Hansen, Phillip Ricardo Jr., Rodney Helaire, and Layne Norton, Eric decided to stay natural and see what could be accomplished with intelligence, spirit, and the genetics he was born with. January 1st 2007, Eric began his contest prep for his first show: The INBA Silver and Black 12th Annual Muscle Classic hosted by the Oakland Raiders on May 5th.... a test of himself and how far he can take his body.

    Upcoming shows:

    INBA Silver and Black 12th Annual Muscle Classic (May 5th)
    INBA Southern California Natural Bodybuilding Championships (May 12th)
    NGA Mr. and Mrs. Natural California Bodybuilding Show (June 30th)

    Eric Helms on his CONTROLLED LABS sponsorship:

    "I am blessed to have been given this opportunity by CONTROLLED LABS to be sponsored, and it only motivates me more to be the best bodybuilder I can be. Currently, the sport of Bodybuilding is not at its height like it was during the 1970's, and although I love the IFBB and I respect the athletes and champions in that federation, I would love to see the world of Natural Bodybuilding expanded in an effort to broaden the perception of bodybuilding. I don't wish to change the IFBB or the spirit of bodybuilding's "Mass Monster" side, I only wish to do what I can to bring everything that bodybuilding is to the table: a healthy, disciplined lifestyle, and greek like god physiques with perfect symmetry and aesthetics.... physiques presented by the likes of Frank Zane, Arnold, Mike Mentzer, and Serge Nubret of bodybuildings golden era."

    With the goal of becoming a Natural Pro within the next 3-4 years, becoming an accomplished powerlifter, staying natural, and lifting raw.... please join CONTROLLED LABS in welcoming Eric Helms to the CONTROLLED LABS team !
    Email: pt [at]


  2. congrats!!!

  3. AWESOME! congrats!

  4. Congratulations Eric,
    Good luck with the Nat. Mr.California St.
    GET RIPPED!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by eblanaflor View Post
    Congratulations Eric,
    Good luck with the Nat. Mr.California St.
    GET RIPPED!!!!!!!!!!
    for sure. eric is da man :bruce2:

  6. UPDATE: Congrats to Eric for his 1st place finish !!

    1st in the Novice Tall Division at the INBA Silver and Black Muscle Classic 2007

    Email: pt [at]


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