Kane (timberwolf) has been signed as CL's new athlete!

  1. Thumbs up Kane (timberwolf) has been signed as CL's new athlete!

    I am proud to announce that we have made our selection and it is timberwolf!

    Congrats to Kane, he deserves it and will be the new face of CL in the magazines, our website and wherever we are represented.

    here are some pics, but we will have a ton more since there will be a photo shoot in about a week:

  2. congrats timber. Leanest guy ever that never packs on BF haha. Thats some true dedication to dieting all year round

  3. Awesome... CONGRATS Kane !!

    "You da man now dawg !!"
    Email: pt [at] controlledlabs.com

  4. wow talk about shredded....impressive

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dlew308 View Post
    wow talk about shredded....impressive
    very impressive, and hes 39

  6. what's his secret? CL magic voodoo action


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