My Controlled Labs Products REVIEW Thread!

  1. My Controlled Labs Products REVIEW Thread!

    I figure I've used a ton of CL products in the past and wanted to share my experiences with the group.

    I was a product tester for Red Acid Gen 1 and 2.

    Red Acid Gen 1 was the best fat-burner I had the most results with out of any I've ever tried. It gave me the worst gas in the entire world, but it worked. My overall appearance was significantly changed. 10/10

    Gen 2 didn't do much for me and I didn't notice any energy boost. 4/10

    I've used Green Bulge twice in the past and had decent results. I combined it with White Blood and didn't see much of a difference in pumps. 6.5/10

    Purple Wraath Ver. 1: Back when it smelled and had an aftertaste like garlic! It was decent in recovery, didn't notice too much in way of energy. 6/10.

    Green MAG: When I tried the sample for this I was AMAZED! I couldn't get enough of it....but then when I found myself drinking that Sour Apple taste daily I couldn't get used to was just too much. Had to let it go. 7/10.

    Blue Up: Tried the Stim version once or twice...decent energy, I'm just curious why it has Yohimbine Bark in it and not HCL. 7/10.

    Blue Up Stim-Free: I love the ingredients and is always a great choice for me due to it's dosage and price. I use it as a staple mostly. 9/10.

    Just thought I'd share, and perhaps other CL product users can tell me their results as well as some other CL products that are worth trying out!

  2. you have to try the new pw, the taste will amaze you. also white flood is worth looking in to.

  3. garlic aftertaste, a great product to keep away vampires
    give pw v3 a shot

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