Purple Wraath Sample Review

  1. Thumbs up Purple Wraath Sample Review

    Taste: Just fine. Grape. Not too sweet.

    Mixability: Above average. BCAA products never mix that well and this seemed to perform better than average.

    Effect: Hard to judge from a single use. I drank it immediately prior to working out. I didn't get fatiqued during a workout that consisted of compound moves interspersed with cardio. I liked the fact that it wasn't jacked-full of stimulants.

    Conclusion: I'd buy this product.

  2. Thanks for the feed back, and glad you like the product. The endurance and recovery during workout is my favorite part.

  3. great feedback, thanks very much.

    also, the taste is now even better (taste like candy). ver 3 grape is shipping to retailers already.

  4. Nice !
    Email: pt [at] controlledlabs.com

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