my purple wraath mini review

  1. my purple wraath mini review

    Thanks for the sample, I've had it since October
    I had a bad event with redline during that time so I stopped any supp related items til I felt back to normal. I mixed it in 6oz of water. Some particles remained but no big deal. I drank more water after. The taste well, it's not quite the grape flavor I was expecting About 30 minutes later I felt tingling and very jittery. The a/c is on at work and I started to feel more sensitive to it, so I was a little shakey. I went to the gym and did my usual friday routine and pushed extra hard. I'll have to give credit to the purple magic for the extra push today. Is the jitters normal or am I just overly sensitive?

  2. never heard of jitters on PW before. its stimulant free.

    glad the PW helped you push some extra weight. prolonged use makes it even more effective.

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