SesaGLOW™ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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    SesaGLOW™ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    by [email protected]

    What is SesaGLOW™ ?

    Controlled Labs Elements SesaGLOW™: Fat Elimination Formula

    If you are looking for a cost-effective, stimulant free supplement to take your fat loss to the next level, SesaGLOW™ is the right choice for you.

    180 Softgels (180 Servings)

    Key Attributes:

    - Stimulant Free Fatloss
    - Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Oxidation
    - Helps Increase Peroxisomal Beta Oxidation
    - Effective When Cutting or Bulking
    - Helps Maintain Healthy Lipid Profile
    - Maintain Lean Mass During a Cutting/Fat Loss Phase
    - Supports Optimal Liver and Kidney Health
    - Help Decrease Fat Storage

    SesaGLOW™ contains a naturally occurring sesame oil extract called Sesamin, which is found in the seeds of the Sesame plant (Sesamun indicum). The sesame plant has been used around the world for hundreds of years as a food ingredient and as a medicinal plant in traditional medicine systems. Research indicates that SesaGLOW™ will help improve fat metabolism, decrease fat storage, and help to maintain lean muscle mass.


    PPAR-alpha regulates the expression of genes involved in fatty acid beta-oxidation and is a major regulator of energy homeostasis. SesaGLOW™ is a PPAR-alpha agonist, which means that (simply put) SesaGlow™ will help regulate and enhance your results during a fat loss / cutting phase.

    Non-Stimulant Thermogenic

    By regulating the natural endogenous production of prostoglandins, SesaGLOW™ becomes a viable option for either cutting or bulking, and this unique effect classifies it as a non-stimulant, but potent thermogenic. That's right... finally a fat loss product that is effective even when you aren't cutting. More research is needed to determine the precise mechanism(s) of action.

    Nutrient Partitioning

    Simply put, nutrient partitioning is used to describe the percentage of nutrients and calories that go to muscle as opposed to fat. Sesamin's unique effects on PPAR-alpha and prostoglandins classify it as a Nutrient Partitioning agent / compound.

    Hormone Levels

    Hormone levels can temporarily be compromised during a cutting phase, but SesaGlow™ may be used by the endocrine system to help maintain optimal hormone production.

    Healthy Fat Loss

    In addition to being all natural, research indicates that SesaGLOW™ may help support optimal liver and kidney health. For best results, SesaGLOW™ should be used in conjunction with a quality multivitamin that includes plenty of vitamin B6, carnitine, Controlled Labs’ Red Acid™ or Blue Up™.

    Skin Health

    Sesamin is a potent antibacterial / antioxidant extract that also helps regulate Vitamin E production. Anecdotal feedback suggests that it is a viable option to help prevent acne, and for general skin health. More research is needed in this area.

    In conclusion, SesaGLOW™ is one of the safest fat loss and overall health products on the market that delivers results. It is also non-stimulating and thus can be taken at night or by those who have adverse effects to stimulants.


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  2. I've seen the SesaGLOW™ write-up now when can I purchase it ?

    It is available NOW!

    Where can I purchase SesaGLOW™ and how much will it cost ?

    It will cost around $33 - $39 at most retailers (IMPORTANT NOTE: This is around a 2 month supply)

    How many capsules per serving ?


    How many servings per bottle ?


    How many servings per day ?


    So... how many days will each bottle last ?


    Does SesaGLOW™ replace proper nutrition, training, and cardio ?


    I'm on a carb-cycling diet... is SesaGLOW™ good for me ?

    SesaGLOW™ is a great option for carb cycling

    I'm on a low carb diet... is SesaGLOW™ good for me ?

    SesaGLOW™ is a great option for those on a low carb diet

    What "basic" supplements do you recommend while taking SesaGLOW™ ?

    Whey Protein (throughout the day)
    Fishoil / EFA
    Plenty of water
    Creatine (such as Green Bulge™ or Green MAGnitude™)

    What other supplements do you recommend to maximize my results while on SesaGLOW™ ?

    Purple Wraath™ (pre / during training)
    Red ACID™
    GlycerGrow™ (pre / during training)
    White Blood™ (before bed)
    Carnitine / ALCAR

    I'm on medication, should I take SesaGLOW™ ?

    Ask your doctor before taking SesaGLOW™

    I have a health condition, should I take SesaGLOW™ ?

    Ask your doctor before taking SesaGLOW™

    Is it necessary to cycle SesaGLOW™ ?

    We generally recommend that you cycle off SesaGLOW™ every 10 to 12 weeks, for an “OFF” period of 2-4 weeks

    What are some good indications that I'm lowing fat or gaining lean mass while on SesaGLOW™ ?

    Mirror / Appearance
    Measurements / Bodyfat caliper
    Bodyweight / Strength

    Can I stack SesaGLOW™ with Red ACID™ ?


    Can I stack SesaGLOW™ with Green BULGE™ ?


    Can I stack SesaGLOW™ with White BLOOD™ ?


    Can I stack SesaGLOW™ with GlycerGROW™ ?


    Can I stack SesaGLOW™ with Blue UP™ ?


    Can I stack SesaGLOW™ with Blue UP™ (Stim Free) ?


    Can I stack SesaGLOW™ with Purple WRAATH™ ?


    I heard that all of your products are "Real World" tested and 105% Guaranteed ?

    Yes, for complete details see Controlled Labs

    Is SesaGLOW™ for men or women ?


    I've read this FAQ completely, and I still have a question or concern.. what should I do ?

    Please E-Mail me:
    [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as possible

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