White BLOOD™ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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    CONTROLLED LABS – WHITE BLOOD™ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is WHITE BLOOD™ ?

    Key Attributes:

    * Amazing Pumps
    * GH Booster
    * Increased blood flow
    * Greater protein uptake
    * Extended release capsules
    * Ethyl Ester technology
    * Antioxidants for NO release

    White Blood is the most complete nitric oxide and transport enhancing formula around. It uses ethyl ester technology to enhance the delivery of the two key ingredients, arginine ethyl ester di-hcl (AEE) and ornithine ethyl ester di-hcl (OEE). These two amino acids are bonded to an ester, which increases the absorbability of both compounds. Esters are formed by a reaction between carboxylic acid and alcohol.

    The problem with most first-generation nitric oxide enhancers is that they degrade severely when ingested and do not reach their target to perform their duty. With esterfication, the arginine and ornithine can pass the digestive system intact and deliver incredible pumps and greater vasodilation than arginine AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate), which is contained in the most popular nitric oxide products, or any other nitric oxide enhancer could ever have achieved in the past.

    The beauty of esterification is that less of the active material is needed to do a better job than the underlying non-esterfied compound. For instance, the average 200 pound man only needs about 1.5-1.75 grams of arginine ethyl ester before a workout for amazing pumps and enhanced nutrient uptake, whereas he would need more than three times the amount of arginine AKG to even come close to the same type of pumps.

    Larger doses of these compounds put stress on the body so AEE and OEE are much better choices since less of each is needed to illicit the same or better response as larger doses of the first-generation materials.

    Esterification also prolongs the effects that each of these two compounds has. When you are in the gym you want your pump to last as long as your workout. You are tired of the current nitric oxide enhancers that last 15 minutes into your workout then the effects fizzle out. White Blood's pumps and increased nutrient uptake will last your entire workout and then some.

    You have tried nitric oxide products in the past and none of them worked for you, right? Well that has been one of the problems with nitric oxide supplements. They were only effective for about 50-60% of the population. 40-50% of individuals were non-responders at the recommended and affordable dosages.

    White Blood’s esterified compounds work for nearly everybody, even past nitric oxide non-responders. Our tests have shown that White Blood will illicit pumps in at least 95% of the population. This occurs because most of the non-responders damaged the compounds in their digestive system, but with esterfication comes protection and delivery of much more of the underlying ingredient and, therefore, enhanced effects.

  2. Where can I purchase WHITE BLOOD™ and how much does it cost ?

    Internet retailers will have the best prices (around $22-30):

    How many servings per bottle ?


    How many servings per day ?


    Should I take it every day (workout days and off days ?)

    For best results, yes.

    So... how many days will each bottle last ?


    Why is WHITE BLOOD ™ caffeine-free ?

    Unlike many products on the market, WHITE BLOOD ™ is caffeine-free by design so that you can choose to use it pre-bed or even if you workout at night.

    Can I stack WHITE BLOOD™ with caffeine ?

    Yes, many users stack WHITE BLOOD ™ with Blue UP™ (original) or other products that contain caffeine, with excellent results.

    What is WHITE BLOOD™ PM ?

    WHITE BLOOD ™ PM is simply WHITE BLOOD ™ consumed before bedtime to promote enhanced recovery overnight. The feedback on this method speaks for itself and indicates that it is a VERY effective dosing method, especially for the advanced athlete.

    What can you tell me about WHITE BLOOD™ and erections / libido ?

    White BLOOD™ enhances natural Nitric Oxide, which stimulates cGMP production. cGMP = cyclic guanosine monophosphate = increased blood flow = enhanced erections. White BLOOD™ users report increased stamina and fullness, when using White BLOOD™ prior to sexual activity.

    What can you tell me about WHITE BLOOD™ and insulin ?

    Insulin has been called the most anabolic of all hormones. By using the WHITE BLOOD™ formula to manipulate our own insulin levels (even without carbs) we can improve body composition (more lean muscle and less fat) and enhance recovery to make the most out of the limited time spent per day in the gym.

    What can you tell me about WHITE BLOOD™ and growth hormone / IGF-1 ?

    Weightlifting and intense exercise both cause the natural release of growth hormone. With White BLOOD ™, we can enhance this 100% natural anabolic response to improve lean gains and enhance recovery. It's important to know that the benefits of this enhanced GH release occur over time.

    Does WHITE BLOOD ™ replace proper nutrition, training, and cardio ?


    Does WHITE BLOOD ™ replace creatine products like Green BULGE ™ ?

    No, it should be used along with your creatine product like Green BULGE ™

    I'm on a carb-cycling / low-carb diet... is WHITE BLOOD™ good for me ?

    It's a great option for carb-cyclers or those on a low-carb diet

    What other "basic" supplements do you recommend while taking WHITE BLOOD ™ ?

    Creatine (Green BULGE ™ / Green MAGnitude ™)
    Whey Protein (throughout the day)
    Fishoil / EFA
    Plenty of water

    Besides the "basic" supplements listed above, what other supplements do you recommend to maximize my results while on WHITE BLOOD™ ?

    Purple WRAATH ™ (pre / during training)
    GlycerGrow ™ (pre / during training)

    Why is hydration so important for best results with WHITE BLOOD ™ ?

    Hydration is very important for optimal amino acid metabolism (including the Arginine, Ornithine, and Taurine in WHITE BLOOD ™).

    I'm on medication or may have a health condition, should I take WHITE BLOOD ™ ?

    Ask your doctor before taking WHITE BLOOD™

    Is it necessary to cycle WHITE BLOOD ™ ?

    We generally recommend that you cycle off WHITE BLOOD ™ ? every 8 weeks, for an “OFF” period of 1-4 weeks. During this “OFF“ period, we recommend using GlycerGROW.

    What are some good indications that I'm losing fat or gaining lean mass while on WHITE BLOOD™ ?

    Mirror / Appearance
    Measurements / Bodyfat caliper
    Bodyweight / Strength

    I workout in the evening / before bedtime, is there anything I should know ?

    WHITE BLOOD™ is perfect for this scenario

    I workout in the morning / right after breakfast, is there anything I should know ?

    Good question. In addition to WHITE BLOOD™, if you are working out on an empty stomach, we highly recommend adding Purple WRAATH™ pre-workout / pre-cardio for best results.

    I heard that all of your products are "Real World" tested and 105% Guaranteed ?

    Yes, for complete details see www.controlledlabs.com

    Is WHITE BLOOD™ for men or women ?


    I've read this FAQ completely, and I still have a question or concern.. what should I do ?

    Please E-Mail me:
    [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as possible

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