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  1. Okay, like I said before I added WF on top of my Sdrol cycle and noticed no harsh effects from it. No 1,3 in it, and also the caffeine dose seems to be modest. Im pretty pleased. Here is my over all review. Thanks for all those who followed.

    Taste: 8/10
    Wow, this stuff tasted great. I wont lie, CL has some great tasting stuff! A lot of other pre workouts, or intra workout drinks taste horrible, and mix terribly. Some taste good, then we get tired of them. White flood never hit me as being the most amazing drink to ever hit my lips, but it also never waned. I enjoyed drinking it to the last serving.

    Mixability: 6/10
    The reason I rated it so low is because their seems to be several ingredients in here that are "grainy". They mix well if you mix it, then drink it within 2-5 mins. But sometimes I would let it sit and notice that on the bottom things would gather and crystilize. If you don't let it sit out for a while it probably mixes @ a 8/10 as only a few shakes and its pretty much all dissolved.

    Pumps: 7/10
    I train 5x5 and noticed that during the workout I would get a pump, but nothing crazy. When training in a higher rep range I did notice that my muscle got a bit fuller. This is not really a pump product IMO. After I try an agmatine product I will talk about stacking this perhaps. Until then the next place is where I feel this stuff shinned.

    Focus: 9/10
    I was pretty much ON it when I hit the weights. Most days were crap for some reason this entire time running White Flood, but drink it, and it switched into workout mode. I loved that. I dont know what it was but I drank it and it just made me feel like it was time to go to work.

    Energy: 8/10
    As far as energy this has got to be the best "normalizing" pre I have taken. I have taken SuperPump stacked with the old white flood pre workout pills... and I would get wired. I would aim for around 600mgs of caffeine prior to workouts in my earlier years. I sometimes would take a pre workout, then an energy pill, then an energy pill, and a pre workout. ( I did AM workouts, then tennis, then evening HIIT/cardio. Sometimes Id take a preworkout during my tennis matches/practices). This stuff doesn't really KICK you, it kinda just brings you to a workout if you will. I loved it.

    Value: 10/10
    This stuff is a damn good value. On sale many times for $20 for 50 scoops. And for the record I dont think I have ever gone to two scoops (or I did and I regretted it). 1.5 was the best dosing for me. Also, this thing comes in a 100 scoop version. And that one is usually something like $40. And Im sure it goes on sale for less. Value gets the best mark from me. Id use this as a worth while in betweener.

    Overall: 8/10
    I would buy this again, I would probably use this as my main OR as my main fall back. I usually ALWAYS use a pre workout, I just cycle them or try out the newest one if the ingredient profile looks good. I think I never tried this one because it was the only preworkout that I remembered from my early beginnings in the supp world lol. I thought it was "old", man I was wrong, this stuff is great. For the price, and the fact it doesn't have 1,3 dmaa in it I think everyone who likes pre's should give it a go. Cheap, effective, tastes good, and doesn't tweak you out. Good job CL and I hope you guys keep bringing us great products and logs like this so everyone can see how good your products are.

    Side note: I find it so strange that CL has such a grand product line yet it seems to be a very quiet board sponser here at Anabolic Minds. I hope we (members) are already using their products and benefiting from the things that it entails. Thanks again for this opportunity!
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  2. Awesome final review. Very detailed covered all points.
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  3. Nice review my friend

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1
    Awesome final review. Very detailed covered all points.
    Thanks man!
    Loved this stuff. Gonna do a battle of the pre workouts now. Lol.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM
    Nice review my friend
    Reviewing stuff that is legit is my favorite thing to do man!
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