Blue Giant Stack Review (Blue Gene, Blue GrowtH, Blue UP stimfree)

  1. Blue Giant Stack Review (Blue Gene, Blue GrowtH, Blue UP stimfree)


    DOSAGE 7/10
    Easy peasy if your ok with swallowing lots of pills, I'm sure most on here have no problem with it.

    NEG SIDES 10/10
    I have been typically sensitive to Tribulus in the past and noticed a slight increase in anxiety while using it at first, however after about 3 days those sides subsided and i had no issues. I did not taper any of the products and although its only been about 10 days post use I have not fealt any drop off or withdrawal.

    I have taken Blue Gene in the past as a stand alone and had a rediculous boost in libido. This time was no different although I will say it really does not kick in until week 3 in my experience. When I take BG as a stand alone I will run it for 8 weeks and the libido boost from week 3-8 is nuts. If your not getting laid on a daily basis or close to it I would suggest "taking care of yourself" before leaving your house otherwise you will literaly feel like a wild animal out there!

    STRENGTH 7/10
    I noticed some good increases in strengh while on the run but to me it's not this stacks main purpose. I wasn't out to set any records and with my last 6 months recovering from pesky injuries i just assumed recomp as much as possible so I trained with more a hypertrophy based routine. I think this would be a great stack for a bulk but it just wasn't in the cards for me at the time of the run.

    I would recommend any one of these products as I would really anything from CL. I know this is a sponsored log but I have been using CL products for a long time including just starting Purple Psyko! The Blue product line is very very clean and has a very gradual rate of effectivness imo. You wont take the pills and go to the gym and set PR's on day 1 but after a few days without even noticing your intensity and focus will start going nutz and you will find yourself not wanting to leave the gym. I noticed I would get a little chippy at times but i actually like that aspect of the stack. Hunger did not increase too much but thirst was up a tad.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    Blue Growth is an amazing product as well. I recover better, and sleep better without waking during the night. I am more refreshed, and do not need as much coffee to get going. I am simply amazed.
    Follow the log here:
    Blue Gene, Blue Growth Get Swole & Grow Log

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