Fightclub's White Flood v2 *sponsored* log

  1. Fightclub's White Flood v2 *sponsored* log

    First off thanks to Controlled Labs & Reps for giving me the opportunity to give White Flood v2 a go...

    Heres a quick review. White Flood Furious Fruit Punch v2

    My work out session was for Legs and Abs (which was last night) Day 1 first impressions.
    I used 20oz of cold water, 1 scoop of WF (was going to add green mag but Ill add it after a few sessions).
    Mixability, in comparison to the original formula, it didnt mix as well, I had to constantly shake my bottle, Id give it a 7.
    Flavor was pretty good Id give it an 8, the old formula fruit punch is a solid 10, v2 initially it was a bit on the salty end of the spectrum, but after a few swigs it wasnt so bad, it might be better when stacked with GM.
    Energy was really good, I felt the tingles which I happen to like(keep in mind I havent used stims in weeks), I felt it starting to kick in after 20 mins of consumption, I did 15min of cardio and was feeling pretty good. No stomach issues, which is a plus.
    Stamina was solid through out my work out, considering that I only got 4hrs of sleep (lol new best friend wore me out). Every set felt good and progressive, worthy of a 10.
    Mental Focus, was great, I was in the zone, and that kept my head in the game (A stay in the moment kinda of feeling) Id give it a 9.
    Pump on WF v2 was pretty good, my quads and my calves got a good pump , I didnt measure pre or post work out but I can tell they got a good full pump, Im sure after a few more sessions on WFv2 that would improve, no doubt. Id give it a 9
    Post Workout, after a good leg and ab work out, I was feeling pretty good ,I didnt experience post wo crash, It just kinda just wore off and after my post wo meal, I was very relaxed and calm. I actually slept pretty good that night(lol my new best friend did happen to help me in that dept).

    Overall, compared to the original formula, Imo its an improvement in performance, I think it can be better as far as mixing goes, as far as flavor its good but not great like the original, and really its just a matter of opinion, more water or less water would change that dynamic.

    Wed is going to be Back, Rear Delts, Traps and Bi's day. Ill post my work out i.e sets weight etc., given how things have been Ill be day behind on my log. Thanks again CL. and I do apologize for the delay, but Im back from Cali and my body is right where its needs to be, so my log is going to be straight forward and honest.
    one last thing I did use GM 45min before consuming WFv2, and as I mentioned above I will stack it after a few more sessions.

  2. Awesome!!! Heree weeee goooo

  3. Tips to enhance nitrate absorption: Swish WF around in your mouth ~35-40 minutes or so preworkout. Allow the bacteria in your mouth time to work on the nitrates to get the most out of the product. Also make sure not to use toothpaste/mouthwash within 4 hours prior to WF use (or within 45 minutes after use). My personal preference, once I have the stim tolerance (don’t start at this level), is 1.5 scoops 40 min PWO and .5 scoop mixed in with my intra.
    Controlled Labs Warder
    Powercage [at]

  4. cool powecage ill try that..

    Im totally behind on my log. Alright this is my 2nd time of use, I did back and rear delts traps, skipped on Bi's.
    made this batch like my 1st one.
    Did 2 warm up sets of wide grip pull ups (10 reps).
    heres my work out,
    White Flood v2 gave me good clean energy/focus through out my work out, I even had stamina to do some abs.
    Pump was pretty good, Im starting like the salt like flavor, its not all that bad, Ive tried others and WF is still one of the better tasting ones currently out there.

  5. I crashed on my dirtbike over the 4th of July weekend, and screwed up my elbow and knee(f**king sucks)... Basically when I heal up I'll continue my log..
    Im so hand was pretty effed too, and I really couldnt type.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by fightclub2012 View Post
    I crashed on my dirtbike over the 4th of July weekend, and screwed up my elbow and knee(f**king sucks)... Basically when I heal up I'll continue my log..
    Im so hand was pretty effed too, and I really couldnt type.
    Take it easy and heal up man.

    Hope you have a quick recovery
    Controlled Labs Warder
    Powercage [at]

  7. Heal up soon bro! I bet you can't wait to get back to WFv2 though

  8. Im back, Ill be on WF soon, Im out of GM but Ill re-up once I get paid (friday).. my injuries are totally gone, my weight is only down 3-5 pounds, I feel great ,therapy was good and I have green flag from my chiropractor to start light and work my way up. basically in few weeks ill get on WF and the log will continue..

  9. This is GREAT news! I'm glad to hear your recovered and getting back on track bro... let me know if there's anything we can do!

  10. wf is the **** haha great energy boost!!


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