Another H-drol thread (check my cycle)

  1. Another H-drol thread (check my cycle)

    Hi guys, long time lurker.

    I have decided to go with H-drol.
    I am doing this for a tester to see if pro-hormones are any good.
    I currently have H-drol being shipped as we speak.

    Pre cycle:
    Pre load with Hawthorne Berry, Milkthistle and will drink lots of cranberry juice 1 or 2 weeks before starting.

    All of the above
    CEL Hdrol 50/50/50/50,
    This is my first ever cycle so I just wanna give it a test ride to see how it goes. (If I haven't shown gains by 3rd week I will do 50/50/50/75/75)

    Inhibit e 2/2/1/1 (a lot of conflicting advise with the dosing online such as 3/2/2/1)
    CEL Cycle assist 6/6/6/6
    Maybe supress C
    Was thinking of putting trib in here aswell, but is that just a load of ****?

    I am worried about my PCT more than anything, and yes I have searched all online and this seems fine with most people. I would use Nolva, however my source has let me down after saying for 2 months he could get hold of it and never delivering, so serms are looking out of the question. I would buy from online however I don't know what sites are legit and that deliver safely to the UK.

    Any thoughts?


  2. Sorry wrong forum

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