Need new CL stacks at NP!

  1. Need new CL stacks at NP!

    You need to get a Purple Wraath/Green Mag stack started. Here's another one....PW/Green Mag and White Flood.

    Or possibly just have a PW sale (running low).


  2. Sounds like a good idea to me.....

  3. IT does.

    Give tank[@] an email

  4. I agree on the need for a PW Sale. Maybe even a flash sale?

  5. I'll tell ya what we Orange Triad/OxiMega Fish & Greens combo pack!!!

  6. There are some out on the web o.o

  7. everyone list what stacks they want up here and we will get same to put them up on nutra!

  8. PW (Grape) and Green Mag (Sour Apple)
    I just ordered 2 new Fruit Punch White Flood.

  9. NIce. How do you like GM/PW?


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