orange triad, neon yellow pee?

  1. orange triad, neon yellow pee?

    is this normal? or is it just too much vitamins that i'm pissing away?

    i'm fully hydrated to the point of clear piss all the time, so this was a bit odd.

  2. It's the riboflavin.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. gotcha. its kinda entertaining in that its bright enough that maybe i can save electricity and keep the bathroom lights off...

  4. LOL, it's because OT is chock full of vitamins.

    Just peeing out the extras.

    How much water do you drink? I take OT and my piss is clear still. I drink LOTS of water though.

  5. 1.5-2 gallon a day

  6. Crazy. Try drinking lots of water in the same window of taking the vitamins and it'll be pretty diluted haha.


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