Purple Wrath- more servings aday?

  1. Purple Wrath- more servings aday?

    first off, i just wanted to say AWESOME stuff! I swear by your guys stuff!

    I know the recommended serving is 2 scoops aday. I was wondering if it would be ok to use 2 scoops during my workout in the morning and another 2 scoops in the afternoon during cardio (track practice)?

    Thanks CL

  2. Yea that's fine.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dracoy View Post
    Yea that's fine.
    sounds good! gunna get 5 bottles of PW!!! love it!
    Thanks again

  4. Woah.

    Which flavors? Should mix it up with grape/lemonade and maybe even purple Intrain so it doesn't get boring!

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