Help with a few questions...

  1. Help with a few questions...

    Could you help me out with a few things I'm not totally clear on...

    Will I get results from Green MAG if my workout is P90X? And if Increse the weight and do fewer reps, does this help?

    If I take White flood for 5 days a week, 3 weeks followed by 1 week off, is this a proper off cycle period, or will I need a longer off period after 8 weeks?

    Should I be taking Purple Wraath or Green MAG on days that I do only cardio?

    I plan on taking White Flood on the main workout days pre workout, Purple Wraath every day pre/during workout and Green Mag post workout. Does this sound right?

    I f it matters Im 61, 195 lbs, 15%, 275 Bench, 425 Deadlift


  2. No problem at all with using p90X... P90X is tough stuff.

    For white flood, no cycling is required... totally optional. Though some people like to cycle it because of the stims. But it's up to you and how your body handles stims.

    As far as the Purple Wraath vs. Green Mag, they are two different products with different functions. Personally, i take both. Along with the Aminos, Purple Wraath has a nice endurance complex which is excellent for cardio.

    For Green Mag, not only is it an excellent creatine product, but it's more than that. Among the many benefits, Betaine Anhydrous aids in the oxidation of lipids (fat) which is exactly what you want during your cardio sessions.

    The sup schedule you have planned out looks awesome to me.
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  3. My personal opinion with ANY stim product is one month on and one month off.

    But listen to your body as Chris said.

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