blue gene + other cissus products

  1. blue gene + other cissus products

    I recently purchased blue gene. I have been having tendonitis issues all over (shoulder, elbows, and knees), but I'm feeling a lot better after some time off plus osteosport (plus life flo joint relief).

    I plan to continue ostesposrt and it has cissus. Should I stack with blue gene or could I possibly maintain joint health w/only blue gene? Just looking for the best plan of attack without lowering my cortisol too much....

  2. Is ostesposrt (never heard of this) recommended by a doctor? I can't find it in google.

  3. Osteosport is applied nutraceuticals, dracoy.

    Op, everyone is different and responds differently. Myself, I can't use more cissus than what is in blue gene, my joints hurt if I do. Blue gene is sufficient for me. Speaking of which, I hurt my shoulder in judo on tues, and its already 80% better. Thanks, blue gene.

  4. Ah. Yea start with Blue Gene. I think you'll see nice reuslts from that.

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