Blue Up Accidental Dosing!

  1. Blue Up Accidental Dosing!

    Okay so I've been using Blue Up for the last couple of weeks only dosing 2 caps about 20 minutes pre-workout three times a week.

    Today, in an unusual lapse of memory, I took double the dose prior to my 4 pm workout and holy sh*t, I was ENRAGED!!! If I didn't feel it working before, I definitely did today. Don't get me wrong, it was probably the most productive workout I'd had in some time. I was grunting like a madman in between sets and probably scared off some of the regulars in the process...LOL

    I'm curious though whether anyone else has experienced something similar. I'm tempted to double the dose again for my next workout but was wondering if this is unwise for any reason. Opinions?

  2. Sorry...forgot to mention that it was the "Stim Free" version.

  3. LOL, enraged? Uh. I"ve never gone above recommended dosages for our supps except 2 scoops of PW or PI.

  4. with the stim free version there wouldnt be any harm, but def dont do it with the stim version

  5. i take 4 as i weight more than the 225lbs as it states on the bottle (non stim ver). try the 4 caps for a full body cycle and see it goes and than adjust.

    good luck.

  6. How do you like it?


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