Glycergrow usage

  1. Glycergrow usage

    I ordered glycergrow about a week ago and LOVE IT so far. I'm so glad i found this. I am a manager of a Vitamin Shoppe and we carry lots of controlled labs products and i need to see about getting this into the store. What is the timing and amount to take that will provide the BEST results?? Thanks!

  2. Personally I do 2 scoops pre workout and 1 scoop intra workout.

    I just throw it into my intra workout shake. It doesn't dissolve that well but I shake it up each time I drink it.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Controlled Labs: First time with GlycerGROW[/ame]

  3. I like tossing it into some yogurt.

  4. For sure Laurie!

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